Travelers say yes to this simply satisfying dining combination

Say Less combo meal at Courtyard by Marriott
Say Less combo meal at Courtyard by Marriott / Marriott

From the simple staycation to the road warrior on the next business trip, hotel guests want a little something special to make that stay more flavorful. Courtyard by Marriott is offering the “Say Less” combo and the simple meal is quite satisfying.

Choosing a hotel for a stay involves many factors. From proximity to a destination to building those loyalty points, the considerations are many.

While many hotels have celebrated restaurants and bars, a great meal is not limited to the multiple dollar sign price tag. As many travelers have come to appreciate, the Bistro at Courtyard by Marriott is a great place to grab a quick bite, unwind from the day with a cocktail, or kickstart a full schedule with some coffee. The convenience of the lobby area food and beverage space makes is greatly appreciated by many guests.

Since hotel brands need to stay current with food and beverage trends, as well as travelers’ preferences, Courtyard hotels just added the “Say Less” combo. Based on the re-emergence of Caesar Salad and French Fry meal, the special deal is priced at $22.50.

Included in the combo is a fresh Caesar salad, a side of French fries and a Pepsi. For those who choose to imbibe, a martini can be substituted for the soda.

While this quick rollout is a smart incorporation of a food trend, it is more than that concept. Many travelers want an easy meal at a decent price within the hotel. Anyone who has a long day at work or logged too many steps sightseeing would prefer not to venture out at the end of the day.

At the same time, the guest does not want to be price gouged for that convenience. No one is saying that a hotel meal is going to cost the same as a trip to the drive-thru. But, that simple restaurant meal should not cost as much as a night’s stay.

The Bistro at Courtyard by Marriott has and will continue to be that concept. Whether the group around the high top are old friends or fellow travelers looking to escape the family dynamic for a few precious moments, the inviting, casual area is a favorite.

Will guests say yes to the “Say Less” combo? It seems like the answer is obvious.