Cracker Barrel makes a huge change to an iconic menu item

Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole Shepherd's Pie
Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole Shepherd's Pie / Cracker Barrel

While quick service restaurants push the value meal conversation, fast casual restaurants are focusing on menu revitalization to bring guests to the table. Cracker Barrel just rolled out several menu changes including a dramatic change to a favorite menu item.

Certain food items are classics at Cracker Barrel. The ability to get breakfast any time of day, a warm biscuit served at every meal, and the feeling of a down home, country experience is expected whenever a guest enters the restaurant. Although the food brand has struggled in recent months, the company hopes that this new menu revamp could bring both new and returning guests back to the table.

According to a recent company announcement, Cracker Barrel will test numerous new menu items in a limited launch. The new food items are the largest menu revitalization in the brand’s history. In addition to bringing exciting flavors to the table, the hope is that the new offerings will help both front and back of the house become more efficient. Overall, the end goal is to enhance the guest experience every time they walk through the door.

Senior Vice President of Operations, Cammie Spillyards-Schaefer said, “For nearly 55 years, guests have known and loved us for our authentic, homestyle cooking, and that's not going away, we've only added more flavor and crave to the menu and made it easier to navigate. We're excited for the Texas community to be the first to experience some of our new culinary innovations like premium, savory Chicken n' Rice and Green Chile Cornbread and we look forward to gaining valuable feedback, from both our guests and employees on the test."

One of the revitalized menu items transforms the iconic hashbrown casserole. The Hashbrown Casserole Shepherd's Pie turns the favorite side into a main meal. Under the crispy hashbrown exterior, the classic Shepherd’s Pie ingredients satisfy. The slow simmered pot roast combined with vegetables and more mashed potatoes make this a hearty meal.

While hashbrown casserole lovers will gravitate towards this offering, the all-day breakfast item, Cinnamon Bread French Toast could be both a meal and a dessert. The cinnamon streusel bread becomes even more luscious with cinnamon and cream cheese icing. It is sweet and totally satisfying.

In total, Cracker Barrell is testing 20 new menu items. Whether or not all these items become a permanent offering remains to be seen. But, the menu revamp gets people talking, in a positive way, about the restaurant brand. Sometimes a little push is all that a food company needs to get them rolling in a better direction.

More information on the Cracker Barrel menu revitalization and locations featuring all the food choices can be found at the company’s website.