Cup Noodles Campfire S’mores satisfies without having to light the fire

Cup Noodles Campfire S’mores
Cup Noodles Campfire S’mores / Cup Noodles

While there are endless ways to enjoy a bowl of ramen, the Cup Noodles Campfire S’mores takes the classic dish in a whole new direction. The summertime classic food gets slurping with an unexpected flavor mash-up.

Ramen, specifically Cup Noodles, is a staple in many people’s pantries. While some people might recall that classic Time Squares billboard, that image is just one serving of the numerous ways that the food brand has satisfies people. Whether slurped to help soothe a soar throat or the simple meal that is cost efficient, many people have several containers sitting in the pantry.

In recent years, the food brand has thought beyond the typical chicken, beef or even soy. Cup Noodles breakfast changed how people thought about that ramen. It might not necessarily be the stack of pancakes, but it brough that flavor in an innovative way. There was even a pumpkin spice seasonal option that had everyone picking up those chopsticks at least once.

Speaking the brand’s revolution and the newest offering, Priscila Stanton, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Nissin Foods USA said, “Since its invention nearly 100 years ago, the beloved s’more has been adapted into a wide range of food flavors, recipes and now ramen. As enthusiasts seek new ways to get their s’mores fix beyond the great outdoors, we couldn’t resist joining the campfire fun by transforming the classic flavor into a bold, unexpected experience that will capture the hearts and palates of consumers nationwide.”

With the new Cup Noodle Campfire S’mores, the offering is meant to be unlike any other offering on the shelf. While some people might scoff at a sweet yet slightly savory food, it is one that deserves to be tried before passing judgment on its validity. Sometimes the most unexpected foods are the ones that are quite success.

Overall, the ramen capture that chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker flavor. While it is not a dessert, nor does it capture that gooey factor, like a traditional s’mores, the reality is that noodles in a s’mores flavor profile does work. As long as the proper water ratio is maintained, this idea is curious but one that needs to be tried.

Although it is not a dessert, consider this idea like a sweeter cereal meal. For the person who might prefer a slice of cake to a breakfast sandwich, these noodles could be a great lunch or light dinner.

To be honest, a slight nod to a more savory flavor mixed into the sweet might be nice. A little touch to cut the sweetness in the dish could make the noodles a little more versatile.

But, if someone wanted to go full-on dessert mode, consider topping the noodles with more marshmallows or even a little graham cracker dusting with a chocolate drizzle. Even if this idea might sound like a meal from the movie Elf, it does have its merits.

The Cup Noodles Campfire S’mores are available exclusively at Walmart. The suggested retail price is $1.18. This flavor is available for a limited time.