Dani Klaric uses Skittles to design a micro space with mega color, interview

Skittles Littles Apartment designed by Dani Klaric
Skittles Littles Apartment designed by Dani Klaric / Skittles

While Skittles might encourage candy lovers to eat the rainbow, celebrated designer Dani Klaric looks beyond the handful of sweetness for her latest apartment transformation. Similar to the Skittles Littles, small spaces can make a big impression.

Creating an inviting, visually compelling living space might sound simple, but it takes a keen eye. Dani Klaric has shown her many social media followers how to turn a blank canvas into compelling, curious, and unique space.

In collaboration with Skittles Littles, Dani took a small, really small, apartment and created a Skittles inspired space that utilizes smart design to make the maximized look that will have the ultimate candy fan living the sweet life. Even if the resident cannot pluck candy treats from the walls, this apartment will have them feeling immersed into the live the rainbow experience.

During a recent conversation with Dani Klaric, she shared how she brought the Skittles apartment to life. When asked why this project called to her, Dani said it was a “pinch me moment.” She felt that this opportunity was “a dream come true to be able to work with one of the biggest candy brands.”

While this design concept is a huge stage, the space, itself, was small. With about 350 square feet in the micro-apartment, Dani had to be smart with her choices. From multi-functional furniture, like a desk that works as an island or a table, to tables that can fold up to the size of a book, that creative approach is vital to making the most of a smaller area. Blending the function and the design forward look was key to making this space work.

Dani believes that colors schemes do not need to be muted in a smaller space. She explained, “color does not have anything to do with the size of your space. Adding the correct colors and patterns to curate the design that feels comfortable and not overwhelming is important.”

One way that Dani balanced all the vibrant colors and patterns was to use a unifying element. In this case, it was the cloud wallpaper.

Dani explained, “we wanted to incorporate the cloud wallpaper, which is part of the Skittles branding, and used it to make the space feel a little more open with the lighter colors. From there, we used bold colors as a way to break up the areas.”

One tip that Dani offered for people who might feel a little color adverse is to use a bold option on the ceiling. As seen in this apartment, the orange ceiling draws the eye upward, almost giving the illusion of more depth.

Even if some people are not ready for an orange ceiling, Dani recommends going back to her three P approach to design. She explained, “the three Ps that I recommend are pictures, patterns, and plants. That is the best way for people to feel more comfortable about adding color. Art is definitely an option and patterns can be used in a throw pillow or blanket. Then, a plant can always be a pop of color.”

Dani Klaric designs a Skittles Littles tiny apartment
Dani Klaric designs a Skittles Littles tiny apartment / Skittles

While the Skittles candies and their colors were inspiration for the apartment’s palate, there are many little elements that stand out. From a fun floor technique to the smart use of renter friendly wall art, it is a reminder that any space can embrace that maximus life and it is not confined by square footage.

Dani even mentioned that favorite food can be transformed into artwork, too. Capturing that trend, she used Skittles in a custom art piece. “we have an acrylic box filled with a bunch of Skittles Littles. Using food as decor is definitely a childhood moment that brings simple happiness.”

Additionally, it is an idea that many people can bring to their own space. Just remember that the concept is décor, not edible art.

Even though Skittles cannot be plucked and eaten from the walls, Dani ate her fair share of candy during the design process. But, she was very particular about the flavor.

Dani shared, “I like to eat the purple and red candies most often. Everyone else on my team ate the yellow and green, but I got all the purple and red.”

For the person who wants to live, not just eat, the rainbow, the Skittles Littles Living Apartment could be their sweet oasis. One person will be able to live there rent free. More information on this opportunity can be found on the candy brand’s website.

It is to celebrate everyday happiness both in minimal and maximum ways. Life is too short to compromise on style or taste. Ready to shine in that vibrantly colored and flavored Skittles world?