DiGiorno bets on special teams and the doinks during the big game

DiGiorno Doinks 2024 Big Game promotion
DiGiorno Doinks 2024 Big Game promotion / DiGiorno

With second remaining on the game clock, kicker stands poised to be the hero or the scapegoat. Once the kick is up, glory can come if the football splits the uprights. But, if the pigskin clips the goalpost, the doink can make victory remain elusive. DiGiorno is back to give some love to the doinks in the form of free pizza.  

Food and the Big Game go hand in hand. Whether people are munching on favorite snacks as the nervousness builds or the halftime food spread has gargantuan proportions, no one is sitting in front of a screen with an empty table.  

Since pizza is a big part of football watching, DiGiorno is bringing back its DiGiorno Doinks promotion. Although no one wants to see disappointment in the form of the doink or the dreaded double doink, some people would appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a free pizza.  

Speaking to this year’s promotion, Kimberly Holowiak, Senior Brand Manager for DiGiorno said, “Last year, we debuted our DIGIORNO DOINKS promotion and we couldn’t have scripted it any better for football fans in Kansas City and across the country. Since kicking and special teams continues to be such an important part of the game, we’re doubling down on our Big Game offer of a chance to win free pizza.”   

This year, the food brand partnered with kicker Robbie Gould. While Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers fans different perspectives on a particular game changing doink, the long-time NFL player appreciates his place in football history.  

Gould commented, “After 18 seasons on the field, I know the feeling when a DOINK happens in front of the fans. Whether it ends in celebration or heartbreak, a DOINK can happen on any kick. And what better way to embrace the unpredictable outcome than with a chance to win free pizza from DIGIORNO. Afterall, football and pizza are the best combo in my book.” 

Anyone is welcome to visit www.digiornodoinks.com from February 1 through 11 for a chance to win. Specifically, ten lucky winners could get a free DiGiorno pizza if a field goal or an extra point contacts an upright or crossbar during the Big Game. The website has all the details.  

In between all the commercials, banter, and action on the gridiron, take an extra moment to watch those kickers. That important kick could be the difference between free pizza and an empty plate.