Dish with Kish has Top Chef super fans watching and re-watching every episode

Kristen Kish, host and judge on Top Chef Season 21
Kristen Kish, host and judge on Top Chef Season 21 / Bravo

While Top Chef fans eagerly anticipate every new episode, Dish with Kish is more than just a recap on a particular theme. For the Top Chef super fan, it is the ultimate look behind the scenes of the iconic food television show.

When Kristen Kish took over hosting and judging duties on Top Chef Season 21, the show’s fans knew that she would bring not only her culinary expertise but also her personal experience to the role. While people cannot get enough of the Wisconsin based weekly episodes, few fans can recreate their own sausage races or Restaurant Wars with their friends.

On the Dish with Kish, each episode takes an aspect from the Top Chef challenge and offers a new take on the concept. From debunking the risotto curse to adding clarity to chaos cuisine, the short episodes are more than just simple explainers. It offers some insight to how chefs approach a challenge, execute the concept, and overcome a few obstacles along the way.

Although some of the dishes might not earn high praise from Judges Table, it is a celebration of creativity, willingness to think outside of the box, and simply just enjoy cooking. Top Chef might be a culinary competition, but these chefs are passionate about food and cooking. Sometimes it is good to push the wins and losses aside and focus on making innovative and flavorful food.

While each Dish with Kish has a theme, there are tons of tasty tidbits that Top Chef super fans will want to hit rewind to see again. For example, Kish revealed that each cheftestant can bring a special box to the competition. Even though she never used the items in her box, some chefs used those items to help elevate some of their dishes. Many people might remember all the molds that two-time winner Budha Lo used on his episodes.

The most interesting aspect to Dish with Kish is the occasional appearance by Stephanie Cmar. The former Top Chef contestant and show producer is in charge of those beauty shots that have viewers salivating over every dish. Although no one has done a deep dive into the Top Chef pantry or learned the secrets to getting high praise from Tom Colicchio, the explainer on how the plates are photographed and the fun swap outs invigorate the Top Chef fandom connection. Since few people will ever have an opportunity to enjoy the food during one of those episode challenges, these moments are a small taste that will keep Top Chef super fans coming back for more.

Lastly, there are plenty of tips woven into each Dish with Kish episode. Although home cooks might not be making vegetable cake, it can inspire viewers to think about ingredients differently. Isn’t the whole point of food television to inspire viewers to be hungry for more?

The Dish with Kish is the hidden gem of Top Chef Season 21. More importantly, it is the food television series that will be watched time and again to inspire some cooking creativity at home.

The Dish with Kish can be streamed on Peacock, or wherever fans stream Top Chef.