Disneyland Hotel welcomes families into an immersive, magical experience

Whether it is Pixie Dust floating in the air or classic melodies breaking the silence, Disney Parks invite guests to step into a world where magic, imagination, and wonder have limitless possibilities. At the recently reimagined Disneyland Hotel, located outside of Paris, France at Disneyland Paris the pages of storybook fantasy have been transformed into a chapter of vacation memories.
Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris / Disney

While the Disney stories often share a fairy tale moment where happily ever after has everyone cheering, those fictional characters and their scenes are often rooted in reality. At the Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris, the real world and the fantasy come together to form a uniquely immersive experience.  

From the intricately decorated guest rooms with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered to the tantalizing food and beverage experiences that satiated every craving, walking through the doors is like stepping into the pages of that Disney story.  

Disney has long used themes to captivate guests into booking an onsite property. Whether it is the lure of the superhero or the desire to see animals strolling by, each resort has a particular theme and it is captured in every aspect.  

At the new reimagined Disneyland Hotel, the guests are ushered into a regal world where every wish is granted. Whether it is sleeping in a wintry scene straight from Elsa’s world or the elegance of Belle’s French palace, the resort has a variety of rooms and suites with various themes. For anyone who wants to dream of the Prince Charming, this stay might make that wish come true. 

In addition to exquisite rooms, the restaurants and bars continue the immersive experience. Mickey, Minnie, and friends join guests at The Royal Banquet for a feast of fancy. This lunch and dinner spot has so many options, the guests will feel like the king or queen of the castle.  

For a more intimate experience, La Table de Lumière brings haute cuisine to the table. Traditional French fare is presented with a stunning view. As royal couples visit diners, it is an elevated experience that will make a lasting memory.  

In addition, there is the Fleur de Lys Bar, room service, and lounges for club and deluxe guests. Similar to the royalty at a castle, every guest’s wish or whim can be handled.  

The Disneyland Hotel in Marne-la-Vallée at Disneyland Paris is open for bookings now. Check with the resort for pricing and availability.