Dogfish Head unveils the must have summer grilling beer

Dogfish Head summer grilling beers
Dogfish Head summer grilling beers / Dogfish Head

As many grillers appreciate, a cold beer is the must have cooking accessory. This summer, Dogfish Head encourages everyone to pop open a can of the ultimate summer grilling beer.

Dogfish Head is always ready to push brewing creativity. From special seasonal offerings to their iconic IPAs, the beer brand wants to have a beverage option for any and every occasion.

Since summer and grilling go hand in hand, the brewery saw an opportunity to collaborate with another food brand that aligns with its culinary creativity. In partnership with Dan-O’s, the Dogfish Head x Dan-O’s grilling kit is the must have item for both the grill master and the beer lover.

As Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head Founder & Brewer said, Since the day we opened nearly 30 years ago, Dogfish Head has been committed to brewing beers with unique culinary ingredients and cooking up some delicious eats over our brewpub’s wood-fired grill. Partnering with Dan-O’s, another brand that passionately prioritizes creating epic flavor experiences for its fans, was such a fun and rewarding experience. Our kismet energies allowed us to create a couple of awesome beer and spice duos that are sure to help anyone up their grilling game. I can’t wait for folks to try them!”

Dogfish Head x Dan-O's grilling kit
Dogfish Head x Dan-O's grilling kit / Dogfish Head

What is in the Dogfish Head x Dan-O’s grilling kit?

The Dogfish Head x Dan-O’s grilling kit includes two beers, Citrus Squall and Y’all Don’t Know Till You Dan-O. Many people have a can or two of the Citrus Squall on hand during the summer. While it is a hefty 8.0% Imperial Golden Ale, it is a versatile option for grilling season. T

he slightly briny note makes it a great pairing with a grilled oyster, fish fry, or even that fish taco. At the same time, the sea salt and citrus note helps to cut through those classic hamburgers or even a juicy steak.

The Y’all Don’t Know Till You Dan-O is an all new beer for this collaboration. The dark lager combines some citrus notes with woody seasonings, like rosemary. For people who love a herbaceous beer that would be delicious with a beer can chicken or even some smoky barbecue, this malty beer would be a great choice.

In addition to the beer, the kit does include some specialty Dan-O seasonings. Grill masters can follow along with some suggested recipes or just to flavor their own culinary creations.

More information on the specialty kit can be found online.  The Citrus Squall beer can be found at various retailers. The limited edition beer, Y’all Don’t Know Till You Dan-O, will be available at the brewery’s Rehoboth storefront.