Double Good Popcorn Home on the Ranch is the ultimate tangy snack food

Double Good Popcorn Home on the Ranch
Double Good Popcorn Home on the Ranch / Cristine Struble

While buttery, salty popcorn is a classic, it is time to take the snack food in the tangy direction. The new Double Good Popcorn Home on the Ranch captures that condiment taste in the best possible way.

Double Good Popcorn is more than just another bag of snack food. The made-to-order popcorn gives back with every order. Even though many food conversations are focused on good for you choices, this food is a good for the community option.

Joining the robust flavor line up, the new Double Good Popcorn Home on the Ranch flavor captures the garlicky, herb forward, slightly tangy taste. As Laura Luckman Kelber, Chief Experience Officer at Double Good Popcorn said, "Home on the Ranch is another example of our commitment to innovation and delivering the highest quality, most flavorful popcorn to our fundraisers and their supporters. It's delivering joy in a bag."

Adding a ranch flavor to its line-up is a smart choice. While cheese, kettle corn and other spicy flavors are common, ranch flavored popcorn is not. Given how the popular flavor boosts salads, chicken, and a whole variety of food choices, it is curious that the buttermilk, herbaceous notes are not featured on popcorn more often.

Whether eaten by the handful or paired with a favorite sandwich, there are plenty of reasons to order a second, or third, bag. In addition, making a mix with cheese popcorn or the classic butter popcorn is tasty, too. Personally, the combination of Holla-Pena and ranch is quite tasty.

Lastly, making a snack mix with the ranch popcorn is quite delicious. For example, combining the popcorn with some classic pretzel pieces and some salty peanuts makes for a hearty handful. From sports watching to movie night, there better be extra bags on hand to ensure that everyone is satisfied.

The new Double Good Popcorn Home on the Ranch flavor will be available starting on April 2.