Dough Ball Birthday Cake whiskey is set to become the celebratory libation

Dough Ball Birthday Cake whiskey
Dough Ball Birthday Cake whiskey / Dough Ball

While some people might blow out candles on a birthday cake, others prefer to sip their celebratory beverage. Adding another year to a life well lived can be toasted with Dough Ball Birthday Cake whiskey.

Flavored whiskey continues to have a large audience. While some liquor purists might never stray from that classic brown liquor, others prefer sweet, fruity, or spicy options.

Dough Ball has been a leader in the flavored whiskey category. Its Cookie Dough whiskey earned best in flavored whiskey category. Whether drunk neat, mixed into a cocktail or even used to flavor a favorite food recipe, that whiskey continues to have a loyal following.

Leveraging its success, the brand has launched Dough Ball Birthday Cake. Speaking to this new flavor, Joey Parris, Chief Marketing Officer at Patco Brands said, "At Dough Ball, we're all about creating fun and innovative whiskeys that push the boundaries on flavor. We think we have accomplished that with Birthday Cake. It's delicious, nostalgic and makes you feel like every day is your birthday."

While that sweet vanilla cake with sprinkles flavor comes through, it is more than just vanilla and whiskey. There is a subtly to this whiskey, similar to that popular Cookie Dough variety.

Although some people will drink this liquor neat, it is quite enjoyable in a cocktail. For example, combining the whiskey with some ginger beer, a hint of lemon, and a little walnut bitters is delightful. It adds spice, brightness, and depth to the sweeter flavor.

Even though cocktails are quite enjoyable, the Dough Ball Birthday Cake would make a lovely soak for a spice cake or a flavor enhancer for an icing. Just a little taste could boost a simple glaze for a poundcake or even make a cinnamon roll even more indulgent.

No matter how the Dough Ball Birthday Cake whiskey is enjoyed, many people will have a bottle front and center on their liquor shelf. Birthdays might come once a year, but Dough Ball can make any day feel like a celebration.

Dough Ball Birthday Cake is available at Total Wine and BevMo! Locations. Additional retailers will be coming in the future. The suggested retail price is $26.99 a bottle.