Drumstick kicks off its first Super Bowl appearance by dipping into a hot topic

Drumstick Super Bowl commercial
Drumstick Super Bowl commercial / Drumstick

As one of the most iconic ice cream treats, Drumstick is ready to bring its brand of flavorful fun to the Super Bowl. Through its campaign, Another Day, Another Drumstick, everyone will come to the same conclusion at the big game. No matter the outcome on the board, everyone is a winner with the ice cream cone.  

Set to air during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, the Drumstick commercial will feature the brand’s iconic character, Dr. Umstick, and Eric André. Although complete details will be revealed at a later date, the spot will feature many of the reasons why people cannot resist that combination of ice cream, chocolate, and a crispy cone.  

As part of the commercial, Drumstick will launch a sweepstakes that will have everyone cheering. Over the years, many people have tried to petition to get the Monday after the big game to be an official holiday. While some people might stage sick-ins or just schedule the day off, the reality is that the post-game hangover can be a little too much to handle on that Monday.  

The #DrumstickMonday petition will combine that desire to have Monday off and combine it with some adventure. Dr. Umstick is ready to sign that prescription for Drumstick fun and adventure. While that dose might not be available at a pharmacy, it is a script that many people will want to fill.  

More information on the upcoming contest as well as the Drumstick Super Bowl commercial will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to check the food brand’s socials and website for more information.  

The old phrase about screaming for ice cream might soothe a sore throat, but Drumstick and Dr. Umstick have the prescription for fun waiting to be filled. Ready to take a bite of that sweet adventure for the new year?