Drumstick Slurpee Blue Raspberry Vanilla Cone is the ultimate summer treat

Drumstick Slurpee Blue Raspberry Vanilla Cone for summer
Drumstick Slurpee Blue Raspberry Vanilla Cone for summer / Drumstick

There is no need to choose between a Slurpee and an ice cream cone this summer. The new Drumstick Slurpee Blue Raspberry Vanilla Cone is the sweet and tart mash-up that has everyone screaming for more.

Summer and frozen treats go hand in hand. While the dreaded brain freeze might slightly dampen the mood, few people are going to turn down that ice cold, sweet treat.

This summer, Drumstick and 7-Eleven partnered to make the ultimate frozen treat that will have young and old excited for the first lick. The Drumstick Slurpee Blue Raspberry Vanilla Cone brings together two favorite flavors in a single cone.

As Kerry Hopkins, Marketing Director for Drumstick said, "We couldn't be more excited to team up with 7-Eleven to introduce this one-of-a-kind and mouthwateringly delicious snack to our fans. Because, let's face it, summer is all about embracing the unexpected, and what better way to do so than with a limited-edition collaboration that promises to delight and surprise with every bite?

According to the brand, Drumstick Slurpee Cone brings together the favorite elements of both foods. First, the classic elements of a Drumstick ice cream are front and center. From the perfectly crunchy cone to the chocolate nestled in the bottom, those flavors are always the perfect pair to the creamy vanilla.

To bring that Blue Raspberry Slurpee flavor to the cone, there is a blue raspberry layer as well as blue razz sauce ripples and candy bits. Whether people carefully nibble tiny bites to savor each part separately or devour the cone to get all the flavors together, there is no wrong way to eat it.

This special summer offering is certain to be a big hit. From the sweet, tart flavor to the vibrant blue color, everyone will want to capture that food moment. It feels fun, lighthearted. After all, summer food should never be too serious.

While many people will be running to get the first taste of this special, limited edition cone, it raises a question. Could there be more Slurpee and Drumstick collaborations in the future? Given the many Slurpee flavors, there are tons of potential flavor combinations. From a zesty lemon to the classic Coke, it seems that there could be new Drumstick cones for almost any Slurpee flavor.

For now, everyone can enjoy a taste of the Drumstick Slurpee Blue Raspberry Vanilla Cone. It is available exclusively at 7-Eleven, Speedway, and Stripes nationwide, while supplies last.