Dunkin sizzles this summer with swicy sandwiches and s’mores beverages

Dunkin Hot Honey Bacon Sandwich
Dunkin Hot Honey Bacon Sandwich / Dunkin

The sizzling flavors have everyone running to Dunkin this summer. The new food and beverage items focus on the three s-words: swicy, s’mores, and SPARKD.

Summer flavors often play into certain sentiments or feelings. Whether it is nostalgia or just a willingness to embrace carefree days, summer food can be characterized in one word, fun.

The new Dunkin summer menu brings the sizzle with bold flavors, classic favorites, and a little extra spark of energy. As Beth Turenne, Vice President of Category Management at Dunkin’ said, “As summer heats up, we’re excited to introduce these innovative flavors to our guests. Whether you’re cooling down with S’mores Cold Brew, turning up the heat with our Hot Honey Breakfast Sandwich, or fueling up with a $3 Tornado Twist SPARKD’ Energy, we’re delivering the beloved tastes of summer that our customers crave.”

The continual changes in restaurant menus appeal to a particular guest that craves new, innovative, and seasonal. While some people will never stray away from that jelly donut or simple coffee with a splash of cream and two sugars, others want bigger, bolder beverages and food pairings.

It’s all the the s-words on Dunkin’s summer menu

While menu revamps often have a theme, Dunkin is all about swicy, s’mores, and SPARKD. Offering its take on the swicy flavor trend, Dunkin partnered with Mike’s Hot Honey. That beloved flavor is amplifying bacon.

Available in a Hot Honey Bacon Sandwich, Hot Honey Bacon Wake-Up Wrap, and Hot Honey Snackin’ Bacon, the bacon flavor upgrade is the first seasonal bacon since 2019. Although this item is meant to be seasonal, it would make a great addition all year round. A little heat in the dead of winter would be quite delicious.

Although Dunkin did not comment or suggest, the collaboration with Mike’s Hot Honey does not have to stop with bacon. A hot honey donut or coffee sounds like a delicious idea.

While the Hot Honey Bacon offerings bring the sizzle, the S’mores beverages lean into the summer nostalgia moment. From the Bonfire S’mores Frozen Coffee, which sounds almost like a dessert, to the S’mores Cold Brew, that has a more subtle take, it brings that sweet, familiar flavor.

Lastly, the Tornado Twist SPARKD’ Energy drink is more than just another refreshment. Since this beverage was seen in a Luke Combs video, it might be another example how Dunkin uses its pop culture connection to expand its fan base.

More information on the new Dunkin offerings can be found on the app or in stores. Dunkin Rewards members should check their app for special deals and discounts all summer long.