Dunkin summer menu blends classic flavors with sweet refreshment

Dunkin adds Kiwi Watermelon Refresher and Watermelon Burst Donut
Dunkin adds Kiwi Watermelon Refresher and Watermelon Burst Donut / Dunkin

While hot and iced coffee might have people running to start their day, the Dunkin summer menu is more than just one note of sweetness. A favorite summer fruit flavors several offerings and some people might be wondering if Dunkin is ready to take over the picnic table.

Many coffee brands are challenging their refreshing beverage side of the menu. The fruit forward sips bring more options and sometimes entice non-coffee drinkers to place an order. When the whole group is stopping to take a break, the additional option makes it more enjoyable for everyone to quench their thirst.

Just in time for sunny days and warmer temperatures, the Dunkin summer menu brings juicy, sweet flavors. Joining the line-up are the Kiwi Watermelon Dunkin Refresher and Watermelon Burst Donut. The two offerings put the classic summer fruit front and center.

As Beth Turenne, Vice President of Category Management at Dunkin’ said, “Summer is a time for discovery and delight, and at Dunkin’, we’re embracing that spirit with our vibrant new menu. We’ve turned familiar favorites into innovative drinks and added exciting new food items to our menu, making sure our customers have what they need to power through their day. Whether it’s a delicious Blueberry Donut Iced Coffee on a sunny morning or a Kiwi Watermelon Refresher after a long day, we’re here to energize every moment, serving as the perfect sidekick for warmer weather adventures.”

The watermelon forward options are curious for Dunkin. While it is a classic flavor, it is not often featured in a donut. Capturing that sweetness without the flavor becoming muted is hard. Hopefully, this donut will be more fruity than just a sugary delight.

Adding another option to its Refresher line-up is smart for Dunkin. More people are looking for that light sip to enjoy anytime of the day. Although it would have been hard to make just a watermelon focused drink, the kiwi blend makes it a little more approachable.

The vibrant green color is a little curious. Even though the watermelon rind is green, the visual may not be quite as inviting as a traditional red hue.

Dunkin Frosted Donut Signature Latte
Dunkin Frosted Donut Signature Latte / Dunkin

What other new food items join the Dunkin summer menu?

For coffee lovers, the drinkable twist on donuts might be the find of the summer. The new Donut Swirl flavor brings that sweetness without dunking the food into that beverage. It is a new way to bring a taste of vanilla. In some ways, it might be the perfect combination of sweet, slightly bread, and quite delicious.

Continuing the donut flavor trend, the Vanilla Frosted Donut Signature Latte is more than just a National Donut Day celebration. It could be the quick grab and go solution to wanting a donut and a coffee. Given that more and more people are looking for easy to eat food options, it might be time to just drink that meal.

Also, the Blueberry Donut Coffee is an interesting addition. While it is another example of a fruit forward beverage, it continues the dessert coffee conversation. In some ways, the flavor highlights a sometimes-underrated donut in the Dunkin line. It might be the unsung find on the Dunkin summer menu.

Are there any savory food choices on the Dunkin summer menu?

While there will be much talk about the beverages, the Green Goddess Wrap is a surprising choice for the brand. Many quick service restaurants are turning towards wraps and hand-helds. Although Dunkin has a wide array of breakfast options, the flavorful, yet light wrap is an all-day menu option that could turn Dunkin into a lunch stop.

The Green Goddess Wrap includes “egg whites, farro, sundried tomatoes, spinach, feta, and green goddess dressing, all wrapped in a verdant green lavash.” Adding farro to a quick service restaurant menu is a bold move. It makes the offering quite unique.

The new wrap might be part of the all-day menu, but it could be a hearty breakfast. For anyone who wants a protein forward option, it definitely satisfies.

The Dunkin summer menu will be available at participating locations. Check with stores as well as the Dunkin app for special promotions and availability.