Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin brings vibrant flavor to summer cocktails

Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin in Hugo Twist
Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin in Hugo Twist / Empress Gin

Throughout the Empress 1908 Gin line, flavor and color combine to offer a sophisticated spirit. With the new Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin, summer cocktails get a crisp, zesty boost from the garden forward botanicals.

Gin has seen a resurgence in popularity over the years. While some distillers fully embrace the classic botanical ingredients, others have ventured into a more subtle, modern interpretation of the spirit.

With Empress 1908, the brand has embraced the nuances and layers that botanicals bring to the gin. While the brand made a splash with its vibrantly colored offerings, there is plenty of substance behind those hues.

Just in time for summer, the new Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin combines a wide array of ingredients to create a multi-faceted spirit that works well in colorful cocktails. While the radiantly colored liquid captures the eye, it is the versatile flavor that will have gin drinkers buying another bottle.

This new flavor combines refreshing cucumber and bright lemon with the woodsy juniper and alluring jasmine. With a touch of cardamon spice, the flavor is intriguing or even slightly mesmerizing. Like the beautiful sunrise that sets the anticipation for an eventful day, opening a bottle sparks a desire to explore the spirit in various cocktails.

Speaking about the new offering, Eric Dopking, CEO and Chairman of Milestone Brands, said, “We always strive to create balanced, high quality blends that inspire creativity and offer inviting flavors. Following the overwhelmingly positive reception of our Elderflower Rose Gin last year, we leveraged our Master Distillers’ extensive botanical expertise to introduce our next innovative flavor: Cucumber Lemon. We are excited to see Empress Cucumber Lemon Gin support Empress Gin’s mission of creating the most distinctive cocktail.”

While the new 1908 Empress Gin is delightful served simply with some tonic, the spirit is even more enjoyable in summer cocktails. The gin brand graciously shared a few suggestions.

The Hugo Spritz continues to have a moment. This version balances the bright, acidic notes with a floral sweetness. On a warm afternoon, it is perfectly refreshing.

Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin
Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin in Hugo Twist / Empress Gin

Hugo Twist


1.5 oz Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin 

¾ oz Fresh Lemon Juice

¾ oz Elderflower Liqueur 

¼ oz Simple Syrup

6 Mint Leaves

Sparkling Wine and Soda Water, to top 

Garnishes: Edible Flowers and Mint Leaves


Shake ingredients except for prosecco and soda water on ice and fine-strain into a wine goblet filled with ice. Top with prosecco and a splash of soda water and garnish with more mint leaves and edible flowers.​

While summer cocktails often highlight fruit both as an ingredient in the glass and as a garnish, this cocktail showcases cantaloupe. That fruit might be part of the morning meal, but it gets a new twist later in the day.

Cantaloupe Smash
Cantaloupe Smash / Empress Gin

Cantaloupe Smash


2 oz Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin 

¾ oz Fresh Lemon Juice

¾ oz Simple Syrup

4 Mint Leaves

3 Cantaloupe Cubes 

Garnishes: Mint Leaves and Cantaloupe Cubes 


In a shaker tin, muddle cantaloupe cubes with the liquid ingredients. Add mint leaves and lightly press to express oils. Shake over ice and strain over crushed ice. Garnish with mint sprig and cantaloupe balls. ​

This summer let the garden inspire the summer cocktail story. Empress 1908 Empress 1908 Cucumber Lemon Gin is waiting to be enjoyed.