Entenmann’s Brownie Drizzle Drops unwrap the perfect sized sweet indulgence

Entenmann's Brownie Drizzle Bites in Creamy Caramel
Entenmann's Brownie Drizzle Bites in Creamy Caramel / Entenmann's

While some people might love a warm brownie straight from the oven, all that whisking and waiting is not always the most convenient. The new Entenmann’s Brownie Drizzle Drops deliver that decadent chocolate taste with minimal effort.  

From those classic crumb donuts to the conveniently packaged Little Bites, Entenmann’s has a plethora of treats to satisfy that sweet tooth. With its latest innovation, the Brownie Drizzle Drops, giving into that craving can happen anywhere and everywhere.  

Speaking about the new food offerings, Richard Link, Senior Director of Marketing at Entenmann's said, "We were deliberate in delivering our newest innovation, as we know fans crave premium, indulgent treats to share and eat on the go. At Entenmann's, we believe in sweetening moments that matter through our iconic baked goods, and we know Brownie Drizzle Drops will help our fans savor every moment!" 

What are the new Brownie Drizzle Drops flavors?  

While Entenmann’s believes that it is the brand that goes well with people, these new sweet treats are the bites that go well with almost anything. Available in Triple Chocolate and Creamy Caramel, the brownie debate changes from edge versus center piece to how much gooey center to brownie is the perfect combination.

With the Triple Chocolate, the dessert is almost like a take on a molten chocolate cake, but slightly richer. Designed to be eaten straight from the package, the brownie would be delicious slightly warmed. Topping it with a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream would be scrumptious.  

The Creamy Caramel is slightly more sweet. While chocolate and caramel are always a tasty combination, this offering is unlike other options on the shelf. Consider pairing this dessert with some toasted pecans, or even some apple slices or bananas, for a semi-homemade dessert that impresses.  

The Entenmann’s Brownie Drizzle Drops are available in stores now. Each package contains eight individually wrapped brownies. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.