Exclusive: This MasterChef Junior Season 9 reveal has everyone excited to watch

MasterChef Junior Season 9
MasterChef Junior Season 9 / FOX

As excitement builds for MasterChef Junior Season 9, a new judge could change the FOX cooking competition’s dynamic. Based on the new artwork, revealed exclusively to FoodSided, Tilly Ramsay is ready to bring a new flavor to the popular show.  As the poster says, "It's go thyme."

While Gordon Ramsay is a force in the FOX culinary competition programming, another Ramsay is looking to make her mark on food television. After appearing in the MasterChef Junior Home for the Holidays special, Tilly Ramsay joins MasterChef Junior Season 9. As seen in this exclusive artwork reveal, the four judges are ready to help these aspiring chefs whip up delectable delights and season their culinary success.

MasterChef Junior Season 9
MasterChef Junior Season 9 / FOX
MasterChef Season 9 announcement
MasterChef Season 9 announcement / FOX

MasterChef Junior is far different from other Gordon Ramsay led culinary competitions. While Hell’s Kitchen leans into the structure of the kitchen brigade and Kitchen Nightmares uncovers the difficulties of the restaurant industry, MasterChef Junior is the feel-good food television show.  

While the moments where Gordon Ramsay and Aaron Sanchez get food dumped on their heads get laughs all around, the FOX television show has become family watching. While many parents might hope that seeing young cooks highlight seasonal vegetables or restaurant worthy dishes might make dinner time less stressful, the reality is that the MasterChef Junior can spark a conversation about food and maybe foster another connection between parents and children.  

With Tilly Ramsay joining MasterChef Junior Season 9, many people are excited to see how this father/daughter dynamic plays out during the competition. As seen in the MasterChef Home for the Holidays Special, Tilly was able to offer a few zingers back at her dad. Her vivacious personality and quick wit should prove to be an asset to the show. Whether or not she can cause her father to be speechless at some moment in the competition remains to be seen. 

In addition, bringing Tilly to the judging panel offers a new perspective. Based on her upcoming new show, “Dish It Out,” Tilly will be tackling her own type of mystery box type challenge. Having personal experience that can help guide these young chefs will make her more relatable.  

While the other judges, Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez, and Daphne Oz, are all parents, Tilly can relate in a different way. This multi-generational approach makes MasterChef Junior even more enjoyable as a family-friendly culinary competition.   

This season of MasterChef Junior will feature young chefs ages 8 through 13. The series of challenges will push their culinary skills and will have some fun moments along the way. The winner will receive $100,000 and a trophy. In addition to the competing young chefs, the show features Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez, Emmy winning TV host Daphne Oz, and Tilly Ramsay.  

Be sure to tune into MasterChef Junior Season 9 premiering on Monday, March 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. New episodes will air the next day on Hulu.