Fabrizia Limoncello Spritz is the perfectly vibrant summer libation

Fabrizia Limoncello Spritz
Fabrizia Limoncello Spritz / Cristine Struble

While some people might dream of sipping a cocktail on the Italian Coast, others might have to raise a glass a little closer to home. With the new Fabrizia Limoncello Spritz, summer entertaining will be more festive with a few chilled bottles waiting to be enjoyed.

As the leading producer of Limoncello, Fabrizia is a favorite with people who love that zesty, slightly sweet liqueur. Whether enjoyed simply on its own or used in a cocktail, the classic Italian beverage is a favorite any time of year.

With the Spritz cocktail trend is taking over the bar, many people are looking beyond the herbal forward options for a flavor that is a little more approachable, or a touch sweeter. Even though the combination of liqueur and sparkling wine is a relatively simple idea to master, it does require a little extra effort. Sometimes people would prefer to open just one bottle, not many.

The new Fabrizia Limoncello Spritz is the ready to drink libation that is perfect for any occasion. From the backyard barbecue to the festive brunch, simply chill, pour, and enjoy. Without having to worry about popping corks or precise measuring, this easy option will have more people filling their glass.

Having enjoyed a bottle on a lovely spring afternoon, the flavor captures what everyone loves about Limoncello. While there is a sweetness, the tart, bright pucker is never overshadowed. There is a lightness to the effervescent cocktail. It is an easy sip that offers much versatility.

Fabrizia Limoncello Spritz
Fabrizia Limoncello Spritz / Cristine Struble

While some people might debate carbonation preferences, this cocktail has the bubbles that people appreciate from a prosecco. It keeps that fizz both while drinking and in the next pour. Although it is best to finish a bottle in one sitting, which may not be difficult with friends, the first and last pour are equally as enjoyable.

Since food is often enjoyed with a beverage, this Limoncello Spritz works well with a variety of pairings. While a soft cheese, like a brie, with some nuts and fruit would be a lovely snack, the cocktail works well with a meal, too. A whole branzino stuffed with herbs and lemons over a simple pasta would make for a perfect meal.

In addition, the Limoncello Spritz would be a lovely substitute for a mimosa at brunch. Whether it was served with some Belgium waffles and fresh fruit or even a shakshuka, the zesty, fresh lemon flavors can brighten a heavy meal or uplift the sweetness in other food choices. The versatility of this cocktail makes it a must have.

With the rise in popularity of ready to drink cocktails, Fabrizia found an untapped market and will quickly become a must purchase. Instead of just having a bottle of prosecco chilled, waiting for a moment to enjoy, it will be a bottle of Fabrizia Limoncello Spritz that will get the party started.

The new Fabrizia Spirits Limoncello Spritz is available now. Check with retailers for pricing and availability.