Ferrero continues to leverage its pop culture candy connection

Butterfinger Simpsons packaging
Butterfinger Simpsons packaging / Ferrero

From Butterfinger to Kinder Joy, Ferrero North America understands that the craving for a particular sweet treat is more than just the love of sugary goodness. The pop culture candy connection is just as vital as those iconic flavors.

Sometimes a particular candy is forever associated with a character or story. For example, many people can hear Bart Simpson’s voice saying, you better not lay a finger on my Butterfinger. Even for the person who may not appreciate the nuances of the opening credits, they know that Bart Simpson and Butterfinger are forever tied, just like Lisa Simpson and her saxophone.

Since Butterfinger is turning 100, it makes sense that the brand would use its pop culture candy connection to celebrate the momentous event. The special, limited-edition packaging celebrates the big birthday and the Simpsons characters. It serves as a reminder to buy another candy bar, just because. No candles or singing are necessary.

The Butterfinger birthday and Simpsons moment is just one example from the Ferrero North America group. As seen in recent announcements, other Ferrero candy brands continue to celebrate that pop culture candy connection.

For example, Kinder Joy always brings interactive play to eating enjoyment. Both Despicable Me 4 and Harry Potter are featured themes for the candy. These newest collaborations join a long line culturally relevant tie-ins. From Disney Princesses to favorite family movies, there are a wide range of offerings.

While Kinder Joy brings playfulness, the Keebler Elves partnered with the Minions. The Keebler Limited-Edition Despicable Me 4 Rocky Road Fudge Stripes Cookies are a perfect offering for summer. Even though the marshmallow-flavored fudge brings that extra sweetness, these cookies would be the perfect upgrade for summer s’mores.

These new offerings are just a small taste of the many options that Ferrero North America offers. Seeing those favorite characters on the label does not change the favorite candy’s flavor, but it adds excitement to both the purchase and the enjoyment. It draws the eye to the shelf and turns a simple candy bar treat into a time to think of a favorite television episode, a food pairing for a movie, or a way to make a new memory. Creating that connection to the fan can result in purchase after purchase.

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