Food Network’s 2024 Hot List celebrates culinary diversity and creativity

While their faces fill screens and their recipes satisfy cravings, the Food Network 2024 Hot List ignites a conversation beyond the table. From creative takes on favorite flavors to exploring the world to discover ingredients, these chefs are at the forefront of food trends.
Franco Noriega on Food Network 2024 Hot List
Franco Noriega on Food Network 2024 Hot List / Food Network

Whether it is a favorite culinary competition, a baking championship, or the content creator account, food influences every demographic. Even if grandma might prefer a simpler Sunday sauce and the grandchildren want visually impressive, multi-faceted plate, the reality is that that food invites conversation. As many chefs have said time and again, food is more than just nourishment to fuel the day. It is the sustenance that connects people both far and close to home.  

As seen in the Food Network 2024 Hot List, the famous faces represent a wide array of culinary greatness. While their accolades are many, it is the chefs’ willingness to invite that conversation and push it forward that makes people want to watch and eat their food.  

According to Betsy Ayala, Head of Content, Food, Warner Bros. Discovery, “Food Network is at the forefront of everything food-related, and our team is continuously on the lookout for emerging talent and exciting new personalities in the food media landscape. The Hot List serves as a platform to introduce the rising culinary talent captivating audiences with their extraordinary skills and celebrate this fresh wave of stars.” 

What chefs are on the Food Network 2024 Hot List?  

The list of 10 men and women on the Food Network 2024 Hot List are both familiar faces and some emerging stars. Some have competed and won culinary competitions like Tournament of Champions and Next Level Chef, others have created buzz on social media. No matter the category, these individuals are pushing the food conversation in a new direction.  

Food Network 2024 Hot List members include:  

“Internationally acclaimed pastry chef and host, Stephanie Boswell; chef and cookbook author, Laurent Dagenais; Bobby’s Triple Threat Titan Tiffany Derry; award-winning private chef and entrepreneur Pyet DeSpain; food content creator Owen Han; pastry chef and cake artist Ashley Holt; chef, restaurateur and Tournament of Champions IV winner Mei Lin; chef, restaurateur and model, Franco Noriega; James Beard and Michelin-trained chef Martel Stone; and award-winning chef and culinary entrepreneur Claudette Zepeda.”

Looking at this list, many of the names are familiar. More important, they represent a diverse background of culinary perspectives. Even if global flavors influence the simplest of dishes, how those concepts are presented and by whom matters. Having an authentic voice sharing personal connections resonates with viewers.  

Food Network viewers might see more of these chefs on their screens. From sharing recipes to appearances on culinary competitions, the chefs might become old friends. More importantly, it might have some people booking a table at one of their restaurants.  

Be sure to check out Food Network’s social media, programming, and other channels for more information on the 2024 Hot List.