Here’s how to score a year’s worth of the Most Craveable Fries in America

Checkers and Rally's Fully Loaded Fries
Checkers and Rally's Fully Loaded Fries / Checkers and Rally's

Whether National French Fry Day is celebrated on the FryDay, July 12, or the other National French Fry Day on July 14, Checkers and Rally’s is going all in with the fry celebration. Ready to score a year’s worth of Fully Loaded Fries?

Over the years, Checkers and Rally’s has delighted guests with its fries. They have been named the Most Craveable Fries in America. Whether enjoyed on their own or served with one of those burgers, people cannot get enough of that food.

To celebrate National French Fry Day 2024, the quick service restaurant wanted to go bigger with their fry-tastic celebration. Previously, the company petitioned to move the national food holiday to a Friday. Now, they want everyone to celebrate those iconic fries every week.

Frances Allen, President & CEO of Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc, said, "Checkers and Rally’s Famous Seasoned Fries have long been recognized as the #1 Most Craveable Fries in America. And this year, we are celebrating National French Fry Day in a big way by offering free Fully Loaded Fries topped with cheese, ranch and crispy bacon for not just one day, but three full days and a chance for our fry loving family to win Fully Loaded Fries for an entire year."

Now through July 12, fry-fantics have an opportunity to win the Fully Loaded Fry Pass. The special offer includes one regular size Fully Loaded Fries each week for 52 weeks. There will be 100 winners. More information on the giveaway can be found at

Also, all Checkers & Rally’s Rewards Program members are fry-winners. From July 12 through July 14, rewards members will get a free regular sized Fully Loaded Fries added to their app.

Ready to celebrate National French Fry Day? Checkers and Rally’s is the quick service restaurant that delivers on their fry-day promise.