Fresca Mixed elevates sophisticated sipping with the ultimate cocktail accessory

Andy Cohen for Fresca Mixed
Andy Cohen for Fresca Mixed / Fresca Mixed

Fresca Mixed is ready to shake up the cocktail conversation. With the help of Andy Cohen, who always knows how to get the party started, everyone will want to sip on these chilly finds.

While there is a time and a place for sipping from a can, the simple act of pouring that beverage into a glass can bring a little more sparkle to the event. From that Friday afternoon libation to put the week to bed to an epic Saturday night gathering that goes into the wee hours, choosing the better way to enjoy that beverage makes a difference.

Although Wednesday nights might be about the “shotski,” Andy Cohen appreciates that a chilled drink is more than just a handful of cubes thrown into a glass. Fancy ice is a game changer. It might not cross into that bougie category, but it is more than just another boring beverage.

The Fresca Mixed Fancy Iced Kit is part of the Fresca Mixed Club. Celebrated by the master of ceremonies, Andy Cohen, the special giveaway brings extra bling to any beverage moment.

As Cohen stated, I’m obsessed with ice of all kinds and I’m not alone – craft cocktail ice is everywhere these days. Whether it’s new bling or fancy ice in your cocktail on a hot summer day, ice adds an extra something that zhuzhes any situation. I’m so glad fellow fans will have the chance to spice up their happy hour with Fancy Ice because everyone deserves to feel a little luxurious with a drink in hand.”

While some select people will get that special Fancy Ice Kit, the idea is not just limited to a few lucky ones. The idea of Fancy Ice in that Fresca Mix is a great idea. The kit might have edible golf leaf cubes, but the idea of elevating the ice cube is more than just a clear orb in a glass.

For example, adding a piece of fruit into the cube is always a good idea. Just be cautious with the size. A slightly different idea could be to freeze a piece of candied ginger to add a hint of spice to a cocktail.

Also, an ice cube does not have to be just water. Freezing some flavored beverages into the cube form is equally as tasty. Plus, that method keeps the drink from becoming watered down.

Anyone who would like to enter the Fresca Mixed Fancy Iced Kit giveaway can do so via Fresca Mixed’s website.