Frito-Lay unveils Taste of the Super Bowl campaign

Frito-Lay Taste of Super Bowl campaign featuring Rob Gronkowski
Frito-Lay Taste of Super Bowl campaign featuring Rob Gronkowski / Frito-Lay

Many football fans long to stand on the gridiron under a flutter of triumphant confetti. While fans cheer for every pass, run, and nail-biting play, the gameday snacks help to make those winning moments even more satisfying. In the new Frito-Lay Taste of the Super Bowl campaign, iconic Super Bowl winning players get another chance to bask in that game winning confetti.  

With the regular season NFL ending and the NFL pick-off schedule set, many fans are hoping that their team is on the winning road to Las Vegas and Super Bowl LVIII. Although only one team from the NFC will battle the AFC to raise the Lombardi Trophy, everyone will have a legendary food spread waiting to be devoured during those four quarters of play.  

To kick off its Taste of the Super Bowl campaign, Frito-Lay revealed a new spot that will air during Super Wild Card Weekend through Super Bowl LVIII. The spot, “Taste the Victory with Frito-Lay" features Rob Gronkowski, Marshawn Lynch and Troy Polamalu.  

Speaking to this new campaign, Tina Mahal, senior vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America said, "More than 90% of football fans enjoy snacks and beverages on gameday while they cheer their team on to victory. With this new commercial, we wanted to harness the power of our iconic brands to extend the victory celebration to viewers and bring the confetti to them." 

Check out the new Frito-Lay Taste of Super Bowl commercial here. 

The idea of a “taste of victory” is new for the snack brand. While the food company has leveraged famous football legends, this idea appeals to the connection that every fan has with their team. Even though the players and the coaches control the eventual outcome, fans feel every victory as if it was their own.  

Given that food is an integral part of the football watching experience, the idea of a “taste of victory” can be as simple as a lucky food that is served every game day. Whether it is that beloved queso dip that ensured a come from behind fourth quarter victory or the loud chip crunch that iced the kicker at halftime, food can be as important as the lucky jersey that only gets washed once a season.  

As Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas gets closer, Frito-Lay will reveal more on-sight activations and promotions. The Frito-Lay Chip Strip, an interactive fan experience, will be located at Brooklyn Bridge at the New York, New York Hotel.  

For football fans watching at home, specially marked Frito-Lay snacks will feature “Taste of Super Bowl” packaging. Check with retailers for availability.