Become enraptured with a Green Fairy cocktail on Absinthe Day and beyond

Absinthe Hallucinator
Absinthe Hallucinator / Spiegelworld/Caesars Entertainment

Shrouded in mystery, absinthe is the liquor that can be misunderstood. Often associated with the 19th century artists, the Green Fairy captivates unlike other liquors. As people peer into the cocktail glass, curiosity compels them to sip again until the glass is empty.

While New Orleans proudly shares the history of the sazerac cocktail, that one libation only tells part of the story. Even if sipping that drink can make the jazz riffs feel more melodic, the reality is that today’s version is unlike the tall tales told from the Bohemian world. The flavor might be bold, but drinking it will not cause anyone to be transported to another state.

Still, absinthe is often associated with art, performances, and even letting a little bit of the inhibitions slide. It is how the description, Green Fairy has come to be associated with it. The idea was to let the mind be free and soar towards inspiration and new ideas.

Although people can debate whether or not a libation can help free the mind, the connection to the Bohemian, artistic lifestyle has not been forgotten. One example that blends the enjoyment of an absinthe cocktail with performance expression is Absinthe, the show at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

Presented by Spiegelworld, the long-running circus like production has enchanted audiences. As everyone sits under the tent, the performers dazzle. At times powerful, funny, and even a touch risqué, guests are invited to let their inhibitions fade and succumb to a world where they are free to decide their fate.

For both guests of the show as well as visitors to the Green Fairy Garden, an absinthe cocktail awaits. The Absinthe Hallucinator, created by Nick Novick, captivates in a sweet yet seductive way. Without losing the signature black licorice taste, the juicy fruits add balance to the overall flavor.

For those who have not had the chance to sip on one in Las Vegas, the beverage team has graciously shared the recipe.

Absinthe Hallucinator


1.5oz Vodka

1oz Lemon Juice

.75oz Clarified Strawberry-Rhubarb Syrup *

.5oz Giffard Rhubarbe

.25oz Pernod Extrait d'Absinthe


Shake all ingredients using a cocktail shaker full of ice. Double strain into glass with a large format ice cube.

* Clarified Strawberry-Rhubarb Syrup

        1. Juice 100gm Strawberries

        2. Juice 25gm Rhubarb

        3. Add 100gm Turbinado Sugar

        4. With a hand blender, mix all ingredients together. Measuring to 50 brix.

        5. Slowly pour through layered cheesecloth till liquid is clarified.

For anyone looking to open their minds to new flavors or new experiences, a Green Fairy cocktail might be a compelling choice. It is time to debunk the absinthe myths and allow the special flavor to let tastebuds soar.