Halloween Horror Nights 33 original houses feast on fans hunger for fear

Major Candy Company's sweets
Major Candy Company's sweets / Cristine Struble

As Universal Orlando guests start to assemble their scream squad, the Halloween Horror Nights 33 original houses set the table for a fear feast. Horror fans are hungry for that first taste, and they will want to ravage these scary experiences.

Although the Halloween Horror Nights creative team has yet to reveal the master of ceremonies for HHN33, the first reveals seem to have a slight underlying theme. Even though these experiences are not necessarily the Fear Factor blender whirling a sinister sipper, food seems to be woven into the concept.

The recently announced Halloween Horror Nights 33 original houses are: Major Sweets Candy Factory, Goblin’s Feast, The Monsters of Latin America, The Museum: Deadly Exhibit, Triplets of Terror, and Slaughter Sinema 2.

Some of the concepts might sound familiar. Slaughter Sinema 2 is a continuation of a previous haunted house. While the concept is B-Movie focuses, The Carey Drive-In has plenty of treats waiting behind the concessions counter. But, people might need to be cautious about putting their hand into containers in the dark. After all, Carey has some strange things hiding in those corn fields.

Also, many people might remember the Major Sweets scare zone. Those candies were more sinister than sweet. In this experience, the candy factory is far from a colorful, friendly Wonka-esque world. Watch out for that fairy floss. It might wrap people up like a Krazy Klown cocoon.

The Goblin’s Feast might seem like a welcoming tavern, but the bar tab might require a hefty payment. The clientele has an unsatiable thirst and hunger. That witch’s brew is far more potent than a Flamin’ Moe.

The Monsters of Latin America offers guests a taste of cultural lore. The melodic whistling might be enticing, but it is a lure to draw people deeper into the night. With Witch Owls and Vampires around the corner, there is no hiding in this twisted tale.

The Museum: Deadly Exhibit is not a melancholy night at the museum. The Rotting Stone might be mysterious, but it is one display that should go untouched.

Lastly, the Triplets of Terror welcome everyone to a birthday bash. Unfortunately, those balloons and streamers are not the whimsical delight people expect when they blow out the candles.

While each Halloween Horror Nights 33 original house will have people screaming at every turn, the themes should play into the event’s food menu. It is easy to see the connection to the candy world or even the movie concession stands.

The Monsters of Latin American house offers a great connection to the food menu. Given the success of many of the Latino food options during this year’s Mardi Gras event, the Universal Orlando chefs can impress with this menu.

More information on Halloween Horror Nights 33 will be revealed up to the opening night on Friday, August 30, 2024. To purchase tickets, please visit the Halloween Horror Nights or Universal Orlando website.