Halloween Horror Nights braves the icy realm of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire comes to Halloween Horror Nights
Ghostbusters Frozen Empire comes to Halloween Horror Nights / Halloween Horror Nights

The call was placed, and Halloween Horror Nights answered, again. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is the latest haunted house announced for both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. While this new generation of ghost busting characters might have a different approach than the originals, everyone will hope that the streams do not get crossed and everyone avoids a frozen demise.

When Halloween Horror Nights had its first version of a Ghosterbusters haunted house, many people delighted in the nostalgia. Although no one got slimed while walking through those darkened halls, people felt transported into that New York City landscape. Even if they hummed a few notes along the way, the experience was more fun than frightening. Similar to the original movie, scary did not always mean having to avert your eyes.

For the 2024 Halloween Horror Nights event, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire tempts guests into the perilous world where an ancient artifact will forever change life. It is time to get off the stoop and get ready to defend against that evil.

Check out this Halloween Horror Nights preview video of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

While the classic phrase about “never going alone” still applies, it will be interesting to see how this Ghostbusters house balances the fright and the nice. Classic characters will blend with the newer cast. Overall, the experience should appeal across generations.

One scene from the upcoming house is said to be set in the NYC sewer. While few people would dare willingly go into that particular space, the scenes could present an immersive idea for the Universal Creative Team. The Quiet Place haunted house will incorporate sign language. Maybe the sewer could infuse some curious aroma into the experience. Involving all the senses can make the moment even more frightening.

Of course, the addition of Ghosterbusters: Frozen Empire is more than just the haunted house. The theme allows the Universal culinary team to stretch their playful creativity. There are an abundance of frozen, colorful, or even New York inspired food items that could be available for purchase.

Ghosterbusters: Frozen Empire will come to both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. Check with the respective websites for ticket pricing and availability.