Has NotCo perfected the plant-based recipe ingredient swap method?

NotCo Kitchen creating a soup based on AI technology
NotCo Kitchen creating a soup based on AI technology / NotCo

Over the years, plant-based recipes have taken over the food conversation. Long gone are the days where a soggy salad and a bowl of pasta are the limited options. NotCo has debuted another ingredient to make a more flavorful plant-based dish. Can AI really capture that flavor people crave?

When people choose to make healthy eating lifestyle changes, sometimes swapping that favorite food comes with a compromise. From a different texture to an alternative taste, that first bite can have people longing for the original. The substitute can be delicious. Unfortunately, there is some nuance that is missing in the replacement.

NotCo has been using its proprietary AI “Giuseppe” to evolve the food industry. Even though people can debate the usefulness of AI technology, there are moments where the computer can process numerous applications and possibilities that would be too tedious for the normal person. Through its process, the brand has been able to create plant-based food options that satisfy and feel like the chicken, milk, and cheese that it is replacing.

The AI Chef has compiled all types of food knowledge. By breaking down the flavor components to the molecular level, it allows NotCo to synthesize flavor that tastes just like what people remember, only in a plant-based form.

Recently, NotCo looked to evolve a traditional, culturally based soup for a modern age. Given that green sea turtles are endangered, finding a way to capture that composed flavor without using a protein that is vital to the ecosystem has implications beyond just this one offering. What if the idea could apply to a wide variety of proteins?

As Matias Muchnick, CEO at NotCo said, “We have a powerful AI platform that can help solve long-standing industry problems and more. If Giuseppe can replicate Green Sea Turtle Soup in just two weeks, not only are we providing an alternative to an endangered species, it's a way to say ‘just imagine what else can we do with technology. We saw an opportunity to put our AI to the test and we couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome.”

Although some people might not necessarily have thought about Green Sea Turtle Soup, the application beyond this one dish is the bigger story. This AI use is not getting a quick answer or manipulation for bad actor. It is finding ways to better the environment and still find a way to feed people what they crave. Ideally, it is a win for everyone.

Could NotCo continue to use its technology to solve other food scenarios? Only time will tell, but it could be a taste of what is to come.