Love on a plate: Heart shaped food brings the romance

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day / Chesnot/GettyImages

While flowers offer color and the sparkling wine brings the bubbles, heart shaped food can convey a feeling when words are hard to say. Luckily, many food brands are delivering that loving sentiment on plate at every time.  

As many people have come to appreciate, the visual can impact how a food tastes. It is more than identifying one ingredient over another. The look sets the tone, creates anticipation, and can add a little whimsy to the moment.  

With heart shaped food, that shape could be a subtle aphrodisiac. It might not be wrapped in myth or scientific fact, but the reality is that seeing a heart shape can make people think about love.  

Ready to serve some heart shaped food?  

While many people simply use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make cheese cut-outs, Babybel simplified the process. The Babybel Heart is the same, favorite cheese that has become a favorite with young and old. The only difference is the red wax wrapper has a different shape.

Whether or not this treat is shared with that special someone or not is a personal choice. No matter the option, that cheesy love satisfies.  

Although that love of Popeyes chicken runs deep, the Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits are the sweet treat to complete a romantic moment around the table. The signature, flaky biscuit gets a boost from the sweet strawberry. Plus, the heart shape is a nice touch. Maybe these biscuits are the best romantic dessert to serve.   

Hardee’s brought back its heart-shaped biscuits, too. The freshly made biscuits’ flavor is amplified by the bakers’ craft rolling into each batch. At Hardee’s, the seasonal biscuits bring the love to start the day.  

For anyone who wants to keep the love going all year long, why not purchase Dash’s Heart Waffle Maker. The mini waffles always bring smiles to the table. Whether it is a typical waffle or a creative take on “can you waffle it” the options are many. There is no shortage of food options that can be transformed into cute little hearts.  

This year, love is in the air and on the plate. Ready to serve your own love story?