HEINZ launches the ultimate condiment couture collection

Heinz and kate spade new york condiment couture collection
Heinz and kate spade new york condiment couture collection / HEINZ

Food fashion is heating up yet again. While that bottle of HEINZ condiments might be used at every meal, it is time to pivot away from the table for a new type of staple. In partnership with kate spade new york brand, this condiment couture collection will have everyone feeling like the ultimate fashionista.

Some people believe in celebrating life’s every day moments with a little something special. It might a special signature accessory that fits any wardrobe choice. It could be a favorite food that is always part of the menu. No matter how that flare is showcased, it is part of who they are.

When it comes to food fashion, many people use that signature piece to showcase their craving for a particular flavor, brand, or, in this case, condiment. The HEINZ and kate spade new york brand collaboration might be painting the town red, but it is more than just a splash of color. It is about embracing who you uniquely area and expressing that to everyone.

As Megan Lang, Head of Global HEINZ Brand Communications and Creativity said, “With this new line of ‘condiment couture,’ we’re excited to partner with the iconic kate spade new york brand to pay homage to the beloved HEINZ brand. kate spade new york shares many values with HEINZ – from creating products of the highest quality that are expertly crafted by masters and leave no detail untouched, to exhibiting true devotion to our fans. In return, both brands have incredibly loyal fanbases that transcend generations. At HEINZ, we love to celebrate the unique and unconventional ways our fans show their love for us, and this collection is the perfect opportunity to do so.”  

Whether people use this special offering to showcase their love of their favorite ketchup or prefer to update their wardrobe with a splash of red, one aspect is clear. People are choosing to celebrate things that make them happy. In a sea of sameness, it is better to stand out in a crowd than blend.

The special condiment couture collection features an array of pieces. Priced at $45 to $398, these pieces are more of an investment than just another bucket hat. In some ways, that idea is the point. Investing in a quality product is always worth it. Whether it is the bag you wear or the condiment you eat, choosing a trusted brand is always worth the money spent.

More information on the special condiment couture collection can be found kate spade’s online platform. The items will be available in New York as well as other kate spade retailers.