Hellmann’s has the purr-fect recipe to avoid big game food waste

Hellmann's big game commercial with Mayo Cat
Hellmann's big game commercial with Mayo Cat / Hellmann's

During the big game, Mayo Cat takes center stage in Hellmann’s fourth consecutive big game spot. While that feisty feline deserves the spotlight, it is the “purr-fect” recipe to ensure no food waste that is the real star of the day.  

Hellmann’s and the big game have become a winning food dynasty. While the humorous commercials get people turning their heads for those few seconds, it is the story beyond the screen that resonates.  

Even though leftovers might not be the hottest food conversation, it is a subject that everyone appreciates. No one wants to see good food go into the bin because people cannot find a creative, flavorful way to repurpose that dish.  

In this year’s big game commercial, Hellmann’s and mayo cat, along with some other famous faces, are looking to do more than just scratch the surface. Check out this clip.  

As Chris Symmes, Senior Marketing Director, Dressings, North America, Unilever said, "Hellmann's continues to challenge itself to find relatable, authentic and even humorous ways for people to think about their leftovers – and this year, by enlisting the help of Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson and Mayo Cat to help us do that in our spot for the Big Game has definitely elevated the influence of our Make Taste, Not Waste platform. Showing people that with a little 'may-ow', we all can play a big role in doing something meaningful, and delicious, with our leftovers that will help reduce our food waste impact." 

Ready to say may-ow to Make Taste, Not Waste recipes?  

Since the big game host never wants to have an empty plate on game day, the table may be overflowing with chicken wings, sliders, pizza, or a variety of other items. While that bounty might be great up till halftime, the platters of food might not be as tempting on Monday morning.  

Being able to reimagine any and all of those leftover food items is important. Hellmann’s Make Taste, Not Waste platform allows cooks to mix up some creative, tasty recipes to ensure that the food gets a second, or even third, opportunity to be enjoyed.  

From a Buffalo Chicken Panini to creamy vegetable and pasta, the recipe ideas will get cheers, just like that winning play. They build off familiar flavors, but are easy to master.  

More importantly, the concept sets the stage for a bigger conversation. Meals may not always be a one day wonder. Putting aside a family member’s voracious appetite, seeing how one meal and turn into a two, can help to stretch that food budget. It is more than just reheating Wednesday’s dinner for Thursday’s lunch. Using ingredients like Hellmann’s to give that chicken wing a flavorful twist off the bone is a good thing.  

What is the purr-fect recipe to avoid not only big game or any day food waste? Think of those leftovers as ingredients and let the culinary creativity score a win at the table.