Hellmann’s encourages everyone to Save Our Sandwiches by adopting one

Hellmann's Save Our Sandwiches campaign, adopt a Turkey Club
Hellmann's Save Our Sandwiches campaign, adopt a Turkey Club / Hellmann's

While the bread might hold together all the ingredients, a sandwich is often incomplete without a flavorful condiment. Hellmann’s wants everyone to continue to enjoy its iconic mayonnaise on those favorite sandwiches for many years to come. Are you ready to Save Our Sandwiches?

For many people, a favorite food or ingredient is comforting, is uniquely satisfying, and almost feels like an old friend. When that food disappears from store shelves, people feel a loss, a void, or otherwise are a little empty. It is one of the reasons why people petition or take to social media to bring that flavor, food, or menu item back.

According to Hellmann’s, mayonnaise could disappear from store shelves. As many people have come to appreciate, environmental issues are causing changes in soil, crop production, and produce yield. The food brand references a study that states soybean production due to soil erosion could make mayonnaise extinct by 2043. Soybeans are a vital ingredient in its mayonnaise. Changes to soybean crops would directly impact the production of the brand's mayonnaise.

While that unfortunate statistic does not mean anyone should start hoarding mayonnaise, it does mean that people should start thinking and acting to make a change. Hellmann's has committed $30 million towards regenerative agriculture, but it takes a collective effort to make change. Ready to Save Our Sandwiches?

Hellmann's Save Our Sandwiches adoption pack
Hellmann's Save Our Sandwiches adoption pack / Hellmann's

What is Hellmann’s Save Our Sandwiches?

To raise awareness and engage consumers, the Hellmann’s Save Our Sandwiches campaign is a way to bring a memorable visual to the environmental plight. From April 17 through April 24, anyone can apply to Adopt a Sandwich online.

In exchange for that pledge, supporters will receive an adoption certificate and a $1 off Hellmann’s coupon. Randomly selected adopters will also receive one of the sandwich plushies in an adoption kit. The sandwiches represented are BLT, Turkey Club, Italian Sub and Egg Salad.

Commenting on this special promotion, Chris Symmes, Senior Marketing Director, Dressings at Unilever North America, said, “The concept of ‘adopting’ a sandwich is a relatable way to educate and help people understand the risk of endangerment, which is why we thought to use this concept and invite our fans to help support their favorite mayo-centric sandwiches and demonstrate the positive impact regenerative agriculture could play in safeguarding the future of mayonnaise. We hope to see fans rallying behind the work we’re doing to preserve the taste of mayonnaise, reduce the risk of extinction and advocate to help farmers protect their soil, so sandwiches can have that deliciously creamy bite of mayo for years to come.”  

The adorable visual of the sandwich plushie gets people talking, which is the whole point of this promotion. Showing people a plot of soil is not going to resonate as much as the image of their favorite BLT in plushie form. No one wants to think about the death of mayonnaise but the reality that farms and ecological issues are in dire straits. If change does not happen, the food that people crave will not be on the table.

Are you ready to Save Our Sandwiches? While the sandwich plushies are adorable, many people would rather enjoy a taste of that favorite Turkey Club than hold a plushie version in their hand. A great sandwich, with Hellmann's mayonnaise, is a food that should never disappear.