Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 12: Lucky ingredient, exclusive clip

Hell's Kitchen Season 22 episode 12
Hell's Kitchen Season 22 episode 12 / FOX

The black jackets are on the line in Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 12. Although each chef must impress Gordon Ramsay with an impeccable dish, one chef chooses an ingredient that might not be a top choice. Did the roll of the dice produce a lucky ingredient or is it sabotage in the making?  

According to FOX, Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 12, “A Hell’s Kitchen Special Delivery” features the following:  

"It is time for Chef Ramsay to hand out the legendary black jackets. Determined to win the coveted black jacket, the chefs play a high stakes game of craps to determine the dishes they will be making for this week’s first challenge. It will take three challenges to determine which chefs are ultimately worthy of standing amongst the greats in the all-new “A Hell’s Kitchen Special Delivery” episode of Hell’s Kitchen airing Thursday, Jan. 4 (8:00 PM - 9:00 PM) on FOX."   

As the synopsis states, the roll of the dice holds the chefs’ fate. Sometimes the culinary gods are in their favor and other times the gremlins are loose in the kitchen. The Hell’s Kitchen chefs have had to cook their way through curious challenges all season long. Why would this cook be easy?  

In this Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 12 exclusive clip, Carmen chooses an unlikely ingredient.  

As seen in the clip, Carmen chooses turnips. Although the root vegetable might not be a popular choice, it could work in some dishes. Given the number of purees served in Hell’s Kitchen, a turnip puree seems possible. Also, it is a root vegetable. The chefs could make some chips for a textural component, or it could be used as a garnish.  

If Carmen had to pick a “T” ingredient, other options could be worse. Would any of the chefs want to cook with tangerines? Maybe someone would like to cook with a tomato or a tomatillo, but would anyone want to cook with taro root given the limited amount of time? Maybe the turnip is not such a horrible ingredient.  

Although it is impossible to guess which chefs will earn the black jackets on Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 12, there are a few predictions that seem plausible. Ryan, Jonathan, and Dahmere proved themselves throughout the competition. Even with a few missteps along the way, they should be able to handle the pressures of this elimination cook.  

On the red team, Leigh has earned praise. She has been able to showcase her creativity, but she cannot let the pressure overcome her. As long as she puts intention into everything on the plate, she could earn that black jacket.  

Although Jason has been a polarizing figure in the kitchen, no one can predict whether he will or will not earn that black jacket. Two chefs will come up empty-handed. Could it finally be his time to make that walk of shame?  

Which chefs will earn the coveted black jacket? Learn the outcome on Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 12, which airs on FOX, Thursday, January 4 at 8 p.m. ET. The episode can be streamed the next day on HULU.