Hendrick’s Gin Grand Cabaret welcomes a modern interpretation of the past

Hendrick’s Gin Grand Cabaret
Hendrick’s Gin Grand Cabaret / Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick’s Gin has opened its Cabinet of Curiosities to release a fifth edition. The new Hendrick’s Gin Grand Cabaret looks to the past for flavor inspiration yet unveils a modern release that has complexity which captivates pour after pour.

Thinking of a cabaret, the first notes of a “Willkommen” inviting people to the performance that tantalizes might come to mind. Although Sally Bowles might not be performing on stage, the idea of the alluring, intriguing, and compelling story-telling does apply to the latest Cabinet of Curiosities offering from Hendrick’s Gin.

Upon first inspection of the bottle, the vibrant purple hue instantly gets attention. It makes a statement without being brash. Definitely unique in the sea of blues, the bottle itself sets the tone for the experience that drinkers are about to pour.

As the fifth release in the Hendrick’s Cabinet of Curiosities, Master Distiller Lesley Gracie delved into the past for inspiration. In a nod to 1900s Paris and its love affair with stone fruit spirits, Gracie took that flavor profile and experimented.

Describing the Hendrick’s Gin Grand Cabaret, Gracie said, “There’s something to be enthralled by everywhere we look, and this time I was captivated by historical recipes for indulgent stone fruit spirits, eau de vies, peach schnapps, and cherry liqueurs that were in vogue in the 1900s. I experimented with these flavors a bit and found that when you put them together, they produce a rich cabaret of notes that are both bright and light, ultimately serving as the inspiration behind this latest release.”

While some people might think of juicy stone fruit and summer celebrations, this flavor profile is unique in the gin space. Even though peaches and herbs work well together in dessert combinations, the pairing is not as common in the beverage space. In a way, it might be a reminder that on a warm, sunny day, peach, herbs and a little citrus can be quite refreshing.

This special release never loses sight of the signature cucumber that is front and center with a Hendericks gin. The sugary notes from the peach lift the refreshing, bright cucumber. It adds more than just complexity. It feels a little indulgent, a little naughty, but completely irresistible.

At the same time, the botanicals that make gin enjoyment are not left out of the conversation. It is like the second act of the performance that lingers and satisfies. That juniper note will not be forgotten even though the juicy peach might be the star of the show.

While the Hendrick’s Gin Grand Cabaret is delightful served simply with a tonic, it is sublime shaken into a cocktail. It turns any moment into a celebration.

Hendrick's Grand Cabaret Spritz Royale
Hendrick's Grand Cabaret Spritz Royale / Hendrick's Gin

One lovely example is Hendrick’s Grand Cabaret Spritz Royale. Bringing together the slight tartness of cranberry with the stone fruit flavors makes for a refreshing yet bold combination.


1 1/2 parts Hendrick’s Gin Grand Cabaret

1/2 part Cranberry

3/4 part Fresh Lemon

3/4 part Simple Syrup

Top with Champagne

3 Cucumber Rounds & Orange Twist to Garnish


Combine ingredients in a wine glass filled with ice. Top with sparkling wine and stir gently. Garnish with cucumber rounds and an orange twist.

The Cabinet of Curiosities has opened its doors to reveal another offering that will have people intrigued. For anyone who wants to be welcomed into a lavish, splendid world of sophisticated gin flavors, this bottle needs to be purchased.  

Hendrick’s Gin Grand Cabaret is available for a limited time. It has a 43.4% ABV and a suggested retail price of $39.99.