Hormel has the simple double dip solution everyone needs

Hormel Double Dippable Chips
Hormel Double Dippable Chips / Hormel

From a topic in a Seinfeld episode to the ick moment when a friend does the deed, the dreaded double dip is never a polite food choice. Although it can be tempting to get another taste of that delicious dip, no one needs to share what has been on their lips, even that special someone. What is the solution? Hormel has just unveiled it.

Even though people have favorite snacks, flavors, and other foods, there are certain concepts that are universally accepted faux pax moments. Double dipping is one of those scenarios. Unless it is a snack for one, putting that chip back into the dip bowl is unacceptable.

But, the perfect dip to chip ratio is not an exact science. Some people love a smothered chip, and others prefer just a little smattering. When there is an extra chip piece left, the only option is to eat it plain or otherwise get the side-eye from everyone else around the table.

Luckily, Hormel has the solution to avoid any food faux pas. In partnership with a Minnesota food producer, the food brand has created a tortilla chip that has a perforation down the middle. It makes breaking that chip into two equal pieces easy.

Check out this video that shows the special Hormel Double Dippable Chip.

With March Madness on the horizon, snacks will be front and center on the table. Luckily, Hormel will be giving away some of these Double Dippable Chips. Starting on March 18 through March 24, the food brand will be giving away Hormel Chili Double Dip Kits.

For those people who do not get one of these special kits, there are some other solutions to avoid the dreaded double dip. Of course, the chip can be broken, but tiny pieces might not be sturdy enough to stand up to that thick, scrumptious dip.

Another option would to give everyone their own dip bowl. It might take a lot of effort, but no one will have to worrying about sharing.

In the end, Hormel might have stumbled onto the real dip and chip solution. Whether it is perforated chips or half chips, no one has to break out the protractor to perfect that eating ratio. But, the chip size does matter. Double dipping is never a good idea. Just go with a smaller chip and everyone is happier.