Hummus might be the most versatile spread in your cooking arsenal

Cedar's Foods' hummus salad dressing
Cedar's Foods' hummus salad dressing / Cedar's Foods

A bowl of hummus with a plate of crudité is always delightful as a simple, vegetable forward snack. That blend of chickpeas, sesame seeds, and other ingredients satisfies, but it is time to think of the food beyond the bowl. Ready to discover hummus’ versatility?  

Sometimes cooks look to use ingredients multiple ways. Not only does that idea help to avoid food waste, but it keeps boredom away. No one wants single use ingredients anymore. Versatility in the kitchen is key.  

For some people, that bowl of leafy greens is more satisfying when there is a drizzle of a flavorful salad dressing on top. Hummus can boost that simple olive oil, vinegar, lemon, and seasonings.  

By adding a couple of tablespoons of hummus to that mix, the viscosity increases. Instead of pooling at the bottom of the bowl, dressing better adheres to all the ingredients. In some ways, this concept helps to avoid a salad drowning in dressing.  

This idea of changing the consistency of a sauce or dressing is something that hummus does well. Some people use hummus in a pasta dish. Not only does it bring a tangy taste, but it makes for a thicker sauce. It can be a lovely alternative to a traditional pesto or tomato sauce. The idea might not be a swap for every occasion, but it is a concept that puts new options on the table.  

For cooks who really want to push the creativity, hummus can be mixed into a waffle mix. While Cedar’s Foods’ showcased a recipe that used its pumpkin hummus for the fall, the idea can be used with any hummus. A savory waffle can be a great idea. Syrup or sweet ingredients are not the only toppings. It might be the fun way to boost some vegetables, fiber or other healthy eating concepts.  

It seems that hummus might be the food that needs to be on the weekly shopping list. After enjoying it with some pita, vegetables, or even a spread on a sandwich, it might be time to scoop it beyond the bowl. Ready to embrace some cooking creativity?