Hunter McGrady gives the real scoop behind Baskin-Robbins Beach Day Baddie vibe, interview

Hunter McGrady for Baskin-Robbins Beach Day ice cream
Hunter McGrady for Baskin-Robbins Beach Day ice cream / Baskin-Robbins

Having graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, Hunter McGrady knows about being a Beach Day Baddie. While that phrase might not necessarily be part of everyone’s vocabulary, the Baskin-Robbins Beach Day ice cream flavor brings cheers all around. In this interview, McGrady shares why her family loves the ice cream flavor, her summer activities, and why everyone should embrace “do it afraid” mantra.

This summer, Baskin-Robbins brings back the fan favorite ice cream, Beach Day. From the stunning blue color to the fun caramel turtles, this special flavor captures what people want from a summertime treat. It needs to taste great and sprinkle in some extra fun with every scoop.

With so many people excited for the return of Baskin-Robbins Beach Day, the food brand wanted to make an even bigger splash. It partnered with Hunter McGrady to give everyone permission to channel their own “beach day baddie” vibe.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Hunter McGrady about this partnership. The successful model and mother of two appreciates that ice cream and summer go hand in hand. As she recalled, “ice cream is so nostalgic for me. Every Friday we would go to Baskin-Robbins because it was just down the street. It was my favorite thing to do.”

“Now, my family has a weekend ice cream tradition. It brings people together. I’m so excited about Beach Day coming out on July 1. My son is a mega ice cream lover and he will love this one.”

McGrady thinks that Beach Day appeals to everyone. From the yummy salted vanilla flavor to the graham cracker that mimics sand, it is the perfect blend of fun and flavor. Young, old, and everyone in between will be excited to get a scoop, cone, or even milkshake.

Actually, McGrady thinks that the milkshake option is perfect for kids. Many moms have had to manage the dropped cone scenario and subsequent tear filled angst. She said that the milkshake is definitely the “mom hack” for the summer.

Since McGrady is quite familiar with the beach and beach days, she has a few must-have items for any outing. She said that living that best “beach day baddie life” starts with being protected. Sunscreen, a bucket hat, and a great towel are good starting points.

Plus, Baskin-Robbins has a whole new merchandise site just for Beach Day inspired items. From that bucket hat to towels, the site has everything to keep the fun going all summer long.

Hunter McGrady for Baskin-Robbins Beach Day ice cream
Hunter McGrady for Baskin-Robbins Beach Day ice cream / Baskin-Robbins

What does being a Beach Day Baddie mean to Hunter McGrady?

While many people will happily scoop a taste of the Baskin-Robbins Beach Day ice cream, this summer is more than just another spoon digging into the bowl. It is time to celebrate the Beach Day Baddie Vibe. But, some people might not necessarily understand that term.

When asked, McGrady explained the concept this way, “a Beach Day Baddie is just someone who is living their best life. You are owning who you are. You are enjoying the day. You’re taking a big bite out of life. It is the best version of yourself and I think that we can all unlock that idea inside all of us.”

This inclusive, celebratory vibe is almost similar to the carefree moments that kids seem to relish. It is about eating that ice cream, jumping into the water, and throwing the sand without caution.

For McGrady, she lives by a particular phrase, “do it afraid.” While that statement might seem like a misprint, it is a concept that should resonate with more people.

McGrady explained, “my biggest thing that I always tell people, do it afraid. You are never going to regret trying something and doing it afraid. I always say, wear the swimsuit. Live in the now so you don't have to look back and wish that you did. Take a big bite out of life, do it afraid, and the outcome might surprise you.”

Baskin-Robbins has a pint of Beach Day ice cream waiting for everyone to live in the moment. Hunter McGrady has her own approach to that “baddie” vibe. Ready to celebrate yours?