Ice Spice makes a bubbly connection with STARRY in its SB LVIII ad

Sometimes a beverage’s flavor just falls flat. STARRY wants to bring a little extra effervescence to the conversation and Ice Spice has been captivated by its taste in its Super Bowl LVIII commercial.
Ice Spice stars in STARRY Super Bowl LVIII commercial
Ice Spice stars in STARRY Super Bowl LVIII commercial / STARRY

Choosing one beverage over another is more than just blindly grabbing just any can from the shelf. Flavor, carbonation, and even a pop culture connection can push that decision in a particular direction. As seen in the STARRY Super Bowl LVIII commercial, Ice Spice has made a new refreshing connection.  

Recently, STARRY released its Super Bowl LVIII commercial. Featuring Ice Spice, Lem, and Lime, the citrusy beverage has won over the pop star. Now that she is ready to see other sodas, the refreshing choice is obvious.  

Check out “It’s Time to See Other Sodas” STARRY SB LVIII commercial.  

Although it might be easier to be the one choosing to move on versus the one left behind, there is something to be said about finding a more satisfying beverage. Just because something is familiar does not mean it is the best choice. A switch can bring a more invigorating flavor.  

While the tag line STARRY Hits Differently captures the overall feeling of the beverage, it is a way for the brand to set itself apart from the field. In a world where everyone wants to be the leader, not the follower, it is imperative to celebrate that uniqueness.  

It is not the first time that Ice Spice has been featured in a big commercial. Many people might remember her spot with Ben Affleck in the Dunkin commercial. Given her pull in the music world, this commercial will bring more attention to the beverage. And, it will heighten her presence, too.  

Will the STARRY commercial resonate with viewers? Only time will tell. Maybe the biggest win from its airing will be if people switch their beverage choice during the big game.