Icon of the Seas’ first impressions exceed the high bar that Royal Caribbean set

As guests step on board, the Icon of the Seas' first impressions show that the cruise line exceeded expectations. Royal Caribbean definitely went bigger in making the guests feel immersed in iconic vacation moments from neighborhood to neighborhood that will be remembered for a long time after disembarking.
Icon of the Seas in port at Perfect Day at Coco Cay
Icon of the Seas in port at Perfect Day at Coco Cay / Cristine Struble

While its impressive tunnage might set the Royal Caribbean ship apart from others on the sea, Icon of the Seas’ first impressions look beyond the enormity of the space. Instead, it is the attention to all the details and experiences which will have guests booking that week long vacation.  

When Icon of the Seas first docked in Miami, the Royal Caribbean ship stopped traffic, literally. Beyond the impressive speakers blasting a musical interlude to its entrance, the visual is unlike other ships at the port. Of course, the sheer size has people talking, but it is more than just that physical presence. It is the experience on board that will have people remembering that vacation diversion for a long time.  

Anyone who has been on a cruise ship appreciates that there are activities at every turn. Whether it is a performance that gets strangers singing along in unison or a nighttime show enjoyed after dinner, from daylight to past midnight, there is something to do for any and every preference.  

On Icon of the Seas, the experience is even more grand. Since the ship is divided into various neighborhoods, it is almost like a vacation in a vacation that changes the vibe depending on where people explore. From the family friendly Surfside to the adventure filled Thrill Island, guests can pick their passion any day of the week.  

Since Royal Caribbean excels at multi-generational family vacations, the neighborhood concept is perfect for that large family who wants to have it all. Mom and dad can relax in a chair and sip on a beverage while the younger kids splash and climb on the Surfside play area. Teens can embrace the adrenaline as the floor drops out on the some of the fastest water slides at sea. And, grandma and grandpa can relax in the Overlook and gaze out on the endless aqua vista in front of the ship. Then, everyone can come back together for dinner and do it all again.  

Basically, Icon of the Seas tried, and has succeeded, in offering a little bit of everything to every guest that chooses to embark on this vacation. From the person who wants non-stop action to the person who wants to indulge in the ultimate relaxation, every need is addressed.  

Although everyone will have a favorite spot, performance, beverage, and food, a few items must see, eat, and enjoy. Regarding the see spot, the Pearl is visually impressive, but it is the redesigned Central Park that is the most relaxing, peaceful, and enjoyable space on board.  

From morning coffee at Park Cafe to a mid-afternoon glass of sparkling wine at Bubbles and a snack from Izumi in the Park to an after-dinner cocktail at Lou’s Jazz ‘N Blues, it feels as if someone has created the picture-perfect movie scene that has transported everyone to another locale. As the slight breeze highlights the tweeting birds and the living wall and floral display invite relaxation, the outside world becomes a distant memory.  

For an action packed, jaw dropping experience, enjoying a nighttime show in the AquaDome. Since Royal Caribbean is the theatrical company with the most aqua performances in the world, the entertainment team has raised the bar with the new performance. From a first aerial par de deux to immersive video walls and music, watching it more than once during that 7-day vacation is a must.  

Guests looking for a late-night party should stroll the Royal Promenade. The two level space can have guests jaunting from dueling pianos to Boleros Latin inspired music then hit a comedy show or take their spot on stage at karaoke. The bars and spaces have something for everyone.  

And, for the person who enjoys a spirited libation, the various bars each have a signature cocktail. The most visually impressive and interactive cocktail can be found at 1400 Lobby Bar. The signature 1400 Cocktail is a must try.  

While many people will be offering their Icon of the Seas' first impressions, the reality is that this Royal Caribbean ship is unlike any other vessel at sea. While the analogy might not be exact, this ship is not about the size, it is about the emotion in the ocean.

Guests will be captivated, thrilled, and surprised at all of the experiences, neighborhoods, activities, and excitement that the vacation brings. Royal Caribbean definitely went bigger in making the guests feel immersed in iconic vacation moments that will be remembered for a long time.  

Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas is the first ship of a new class. It starts the maiden season of 7-day Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries starting at the end of January 2024. More information on the ship and its offerings can be found on the Royal Caribbean website.