IHOP’s 2x2x2 Deal adds up to big meal savings

IHOP 2x2x2 Deal
IHOP 2x2x2 Deal / IHOP

While the Pancake of the Month might have people savoring that special flavor, IHOP’s 2x2x2 Deal is the new offering that brings big savings. Any way that you add up all the food on the plate, the money spent is worth it.

The value conversation is front and center in the food world. After too many years of shrinkflation and rising menu prices, the pendulum has swung the other way.

Restaurants are putting deals front and center on their menu. Whether it is combo meals, discounts, or other specials, the lower costs entice guests to come to the table.

The newest offering in the savings conversation is the IHOP 2x2x2 Deal. According to the restaurant brand, the deal features 2 eggs your way, 2 bacon strips or 2 pork sausage links and 2 buttermilk pancakes for $6. The math adds up nicely, like a simple problem that elementary students can solve.

The 2x2x2 meal is one of the most popular menu items at IHOP. Offering a limited time discount on that favorite meal is smart for the national restaurant chain. Given that competition is high for consumer spending, relying on loyalty may not be enough. Meal discounts are vital to retaining customers as well as to gaining new guests.

Although this meal discount is for a limited time, it gets people talking about IHOP. No one wants to be the restaurant that is labeled “when was the last time we went there.” Instead, the restaurant brand wants to be front of mind when someone asks where should we go eat.

Will IHOP continue to offer discounts on its favorite menu items? Only time will tell. For now, 2x2x2 Deal adds up to a value forward breakfast, lunch, and dinner.