Instacart adds restaurant delivery thanks to a new Uber Eats partnership

Instacart partners with Uber Eats to add restaurant delivery
Instacart partners with Uber Eats to add restaurant delivery / Instacart

While many people simplify their grocery shopping thanks to Instacart, the food and delivery options on their service just expanded. Thanks to an Uber Eats partnership, users can order from hundreds of thousands of restaurants.

Even though food costs have caused changes in consumers’ buying habits, people want convenience. Long gone are the days of clipping coupons and driving from store to store. Whether it is shopping in their PJs or scheduling a delivery while waiting at sports practice, the reality is that people want food shopping and deliveries to fit into their busy schedules.

Instacart has become a leader in grocery delivery. Whether it is that Costco order for the weekly shop or the last-minute cupcake order from Publix for the school bake sale, consumers know that they can trust the brand.

Even though the company has offered a wide range of stores, it was missing one category, restaurants. Through its new partnership with Uber Eats, consumers can have one stop shopping app at the front of the home screen.

Speaking to this new partnership, Fidji Simo, CEO and Chair of Instacart said, “Through this partnership, Instacart customers now have access to both the best online grocery selection in the U.S. and restaurant delivery, making it even easier for them to conveniently tackle all their food needs from a single app. Whether it’s ingredients for a beloved family recipe, a prepared meal from a nearby grocer or takeout from a favorite restaurant – customers can now get the food they want, from the retailers and restaurants they love, all within the Instacart app.” 

While there is a crossover between the two services, the restaurant delivery portion will be fulfilled by Uber Eats, through its platform. The idea is to cross-promote and offer one stop convenience for the consumer.

More importantly, the concept looks to boost restaurant sales. By giving local restaurants more opportunities to get their food on consumers’ tables, it could expand their audience. Maybe, someone would not find that scrumptious Cajun etouffee or that amazing poke spot if it was not for the app highlighting the local food find.

Leveraging the partnership could be a win for both Instacart and Uber Eats. Whether or not they can add more consumers benefits and/or delivery discounts because of the expanded reach remains to be seen.

But, consumers are more likely to use and continue to use a product when it makes the whole process simple. Putting restaurants, groceries, and other deliveries under a single umbrella increases use and, in turn, brand recognition. It might not necessarily turn “Instacart” into a verb like “Google” but it might make it instantly come to mind when it is time to place an order.

More information of the Instacart and Uber Eats partnership can be found online. The restaurants tab will start appearing on the app over the next several weeks.