Jason Mraz whips up a melodic coffee conversation with Planet Oat

Jason Mraz has captivated people with his poetic lyrics and mesmerized with his rhythmic beats, The singer songwriter has a deeply rooted connection to coffee and coffee shop. In partnership with Planet Oat Barista Lovers Oatmilk, Mraz invites everyone to pour a new beverage experience and see where the flavor takes them.
Jason Mraz for Planet Oat Barista Lovers Oatmilk
Jason Mraz for Planet Oat Barista Lovers Oatmilk / Planet Oat

Long before he topped the charts or even quick stepped his way through Dancing with the Stars, Jason Mraz was influenced by the personal connection in a coffee shop. Whether it was his time perfecting those steeped beverages or playing to intimate crowds, those venues allowed people to appreciate not only the connection in the moment but also the craft of a great coffee.  

Recently, Mraz returned to his barista roots in partnership with Planet Oat and its Planet Oat Barista Lovers beverage. In addition to the brand’s Coffee Tour, Mraz is encouraging people to taste that plant-based beverage and appreciate the smooth flavor. From a simple latte to a carefully whipped foam with a delicately drawn image, the first sip will lead to many more down the road.  

In conjunction with his Planet Oat partnership, Mraz spoke with FoodSided and shared his reasoning why this partnership hit the right chord. He said, “I began my career in coffee shops, standing in the corner, playing music over the bean grinder, steam wand, and espresso machine noises. I found a real sense of home in a coffee shop. As years went by, I learned how to barista and fell in the love with the art of brewing. “ 

While that first connection was over 20 years ago, Mraz is even more deeply connected to coffee. “Now, I grow coffee on my farm. I continue to help out and work in my local coffee shop because I love the barista arts.”  

“When this collaboration came around, I knew exactly what Planet Oat was talking about. The Barista Lovers Edition works wonderfully well in coffee. It is a phenomenal plant-based milk.”  

Having changed to a plant-based lifestyle many years ago, Mraz appreciates that it has been a positive force in his healthy eating balanced choices. Whether it is keeping his voice strong or just an overall feeling, it works for him. And, he has found that beverage options, like Plant Oat, never make him feel deprived in any way. He believes that switching to a plant-based beverage, like adding one to a coffee, can be an easy entry point for many people. 

Since the Planet Oat Barista Lovers beverage is designed to work well in coffee, Mraz encourages people to experiment with their coffee at home. He mentioned that it does not require an expensive machine or a ton of gadgets.  

Mraz recommended purchasing a frother. In addition to being inexpensive, he said that it can be easier to use than a steamer, but it still can create that pretty coffee beverage.  

While the Planet Oat Barista Lovers Oatmilk can elevate that coffee drinking experience, it is not limited to just the mug. The pristine color and vicious mouthfeel make it great in baking and other recipes. From a satisfying smoothie to even a simple cake, the options are many. Similar to experimenting with that coffee art, the beverage can inspire some culinary creativity, too.  

Looking ahead, Jason Mraz has new music, a concert tour on the horizon, and will be hosting a charity concert that celebrates the arts. While he might stand on stage and bring people moments of joy through song, Mraz appreciates how music is a common connector, similar how food connects people and culture.  

When asked about his thoughts on music and the arts connecting people and cultures, Mraz shared, “we all can feel the rhythm. When the music or dancing starts, it is almost like the geographical borders, political borders, and differences melt away. What gets revealed is our humanity and we all can appreciate that beauty and harmony. We are all here and can experience that unity. These sound waves are linking up together. “ 

From the grind of the coffee beans to the strum of the guitar, the sounds and the experiences of the coffee shop can extend beyond the four walls of that location. It is time to whip up a barista experience at home. Some people may not be able to sing and play like Jason Mraz, but they can enjoy a little Planet Oat Barista Lovers Oatmilk in their coffee like he does.