Jeni’s Cookies and Cleats is the perfect scoop for the MLS All-Star celebration

Jeni’s Cookies and Cleats for the MLS All-Star Game
Jeni’s Cookies and Cleats for the MLS All-Star Game / Jeni's

While Ted Lasso fans might have devoured that Biscuits with the Boss ice cream, the new Jeni’s Cookies and Cleats flavor is the must have treat for soccer fans. Ahead of the MLS All-Star celebration, everyone will be running off the pitch to grab a scoop of this special ice cream flavor.

Food and sports are always a winning combination. Beyond tailgating before a game and the bounty of snacks enjoyed during the action, all the cheering makes fans hungry for more.

Speaking about this special collaboration, Jesse Perl, VP of Brand Marketing, MLS said, “In bringing the MLS All-Star Game to Columbus, there was no better way to celebrate the city, and the ‘best of’ spirit of MLS All-Star then to collaborate with the beloved Jeni’s Ice Creams. We’re excited to share Cookies & Cleats with fans this summer, and tap into the Jeni’s tradition of remixing the classics.”

Ahead of the MLS All-Star celebration, Jeni’s partnered with the MLS to offer the first ever culinary innovation for the All-Star Game. This specialty ice cream flavor not only visually captures the sport but also has a flavor that will appeal to all the fans.

According to Jeni’s, Cookies and Cleats starts with the classic Cookies In Cream flavor. From there, it folds in dark chocolate and truffle-like cookies. Scattered throughout are white chocolate flecks in the vanilla-scented cream. Not only is the visual compelling, but the flavor is quite craveable.

As Stacy Peterson, Jeni’s CEO said, “We are on a mission to bring people together over ice cream and are thrilled to be part of this exciting All-Star week.” This special offering will definitely score with both food and sports fans. It might be the “goal” of all the festivities.

Cookies and Cleats will be available at various events from July 20 through July 24. Check with Jeni’s and MLS for all the tasting opportunities.