Jennie Garth and Planet Oat want everyone to have a Better Reset, interview

Jennie Garth partners with Planet Oat for their “Better Reset” pop up
Jennie Garth partners with Planet Oat for their “Better Reset” pop up / Dustin Downing for Planet Oat

When the new year comes, many people choose to reset their food choices and eating habits. Although not as common, Daylight Savings Time can be another opportunity to rethink what people eat. With Better Reset, Jennie Garth and Planet Oat are ready to spring into a flavorful change.

Many people have turned to oatmilk not just as a plant-based alternative but also for its taste. The creamy texture works just as well in coffee as it does in an overnight oats dish or even in that baked good recipe. The versatility is one of the reasons why people keep it front and center in the refrigerator.

This year, Jennie Garth partnered with Planet Oat to turn the day after Daylight Savings Time into the “Better Reset with Planet Oat.” On Monday, March 11, special pop-ups across the U.S. will offer coffee and other treats to help jump start the day that might be dragging a little.

Ahead of the special event on Monday, Jennie Garth graciously spoke to FoodSided about her Planet Oat partnership. When asked about this event, Garth said, “this particular Monday is a little bit more of a struggle. I think that it is a great idea that Planet Oat is helping to take the edge off by offering these pop-ups.”

She continued to explain, “I think that it is a great opportunity for people to try a plant-based dairy alternative. I believe that plant-based is healthier and I try to do it as much as possible in my house.”

Garth believes that switching to plant-based alternatives has helped to reduce the inflammation inside her body. From having more energy to feeling lighter to even being more clear headed, it has been a positive switch for her. It is another example how she has chosen to put herself first.

That idea of choosing herself can be seen in her brand, “I Choose Me.” While that phrase might be familiar to fans of 90210, it is more than just a Kelly Taylor moment. It is a sentiment that can influence every aspect of life.

As Garth explained, “the origin is so near and dear to my heart because I have such a soft place for Kelly (the character). The cornerstone of the brand is the message “I Choose Me.” It reminds people, especially women, to take the focus and put it on themselves, to think about what they want. I think that the biggest, best part of choosing yourself is listening to yourself. So often we listen to everyone else and what they need. Now is the time to think about what we want and be ok with choosing yourself. It is not selfish. It is the best thing that you can do because you are everything for yourself.”

Jennie Garth for Planet Oat
Jennie Garth partners with Planet Oat / Dustin Downing for Planet Oat

Those personal priorities and choices can be small or big. From switching to a plant-based option as a coffee creamer to putting me time on the calendar, the priorities need to be front and center in the conversation. Once that concept takes hold, anything and everything is possible.

Even if Daylight Savings Time might be a divisive topic or cause a weary Monday, the idea of a Better Reset is one that everyone can stand behind. Appreciating how a plant-based food swap changes how you feel and react might be the reset that is the first step to choosing yourself first.

But, it does not mean that an occasional indulgence is out of the question. As Garth mentioned, those Peach Pit fries are always a good choice, just maybe it would be served with a plant-based shake this time around.

Check out Planet Oat Better Reset events throughout the U.S. on Monday, March 11. More information can be found on the brand’s socials.