Joffrey’s Star Wars Dark Side Coffee Collection brews an irresistible flavor

Joffrey’s Star Wars Dark Side Coffee Collection
Joffrey’s Star Wars Dark Side Coffee Collection / Joffrey's

While the battle between good and bad coffee can cause a spirited debate, Joffrey’s tempts coffee lovers with a taste of the darkest roast. The new Star Wars Dark Side Coffee Collection might have some sinister characters on the label but resisting the robust flavor is futile.

As a longtime Disney coffee partner, Joffrey’s continually uses its blends to connect with fans of the various Disney characters and movie franchises. From seasonal offerings from Mickey and Minnie to location inspired roasts, people want to be able to taste that Disney world in their morning cup of coffee.

Previously, Joffrey’s released a Mandalorian inspired coffee. The Grogu inspired Precious Cargo Blend was a medium roast coffee that appealed to the lighter flavors. Whether drunk on its own or with a touch of cream and sugar, it captures a warm, hopeful sentiment.

While many people ooh and aww over the adorable Grogu, others prefer the darker side of the Star Wars world. Even though these characters’ choices might be perilous to the storyline’s heroes, there is something captivating about stepping into the shadows of evil.

With the new Joffrey’s Star Wars Dark Side Coffee Collection, the characters on the bags do not tell the whole tale waiting to be enjoyed once the coffee is brewed. Even the diehard rebel leader might be curious to sip on these roasts.

The available flavors are Star Wars Dare to Resist Blend, Star Wars Dark Side Blend, and Star Wars Double Saber Blend. While the characters on the label could have people choosing one offering over another, these coffees are quite different. Just like no one should confuse Darth Vader with Darth Maul, these dark roast coffee have their unique qualities.

The Star Wars Dark Side Blend might be the best choice for the coffee drinker who is just trying a dark roast for the first time. While there is a slight smoky finish, the taste is quite smooth. It might be the easy introduction that keeps people coming back for more.

For a step up, the Star Wars Dare To Resist Blend is slightly more robust. More of a full-bodied coffee, it has a long, lingering finish. After enjoying a cup, it entices the drinker to come back for more. Basically, it keeps drinkers in that powerful grasp.

Lastly, the Star Wars Double Saber Blend is an unrelenting flavor that does not bow down to anyone. While that caffeine jolt might help bring some alertness, it is the powerful taste that will not be forgotten.

The Joffrey’s Star Wars Dark Side coffees are available now. Check with the online store, Disney locations, and stand-alone Joffrey store for availability and pricing.