Johnsonville’s Summer Shandy Beer Brats have everyone lighting the grill

Johnsonville’s Summer Shandy Beer Brats
Johnsonville’s Summer Shandy Beer Brats / Johnsonville and Leinenkugel's

As the winter chill thaws, many people are longing to light up the grill. With the new Johnsonville’s Summer Shandy Beer Brats, two iconic Wisconsin food and beverage brands, Johnsonville and Leinenkugel’s, have created the must have summer food, Johnsonville’s Summer Shandy Beer Brats. Oh don’t ya know that this new taste will go faster than grandma’s hot dish at the church potluck.

Certain food and beverages go together. Beer and brats are one of those combinations. While many people know the secret of boiling brats in beer before they hit the grill, the beer is not just for the pot. Enjoying an ice cold brewsky with that brat smothered in caramelized onions and spicy mustard is most delicious pairing.

The new Johnsonville’s Summer Shandy Beer Brats are the first offering in the “Lakeside Link-up.” While Leinenkugel’s might be a Chippewa Falls favorite and Johnsonville is a Wisconsin icon, the pairing of these Midwest brands is another reason to discover the deliciousness that the Dairy State has to offer. Any cook, not just some top chefs, can whip up a delicious meal with all that flavorful food.

Speaking to this new offering, Johnsonville Owner and Chairwoman Shelly Stayer said, “Some things just belong together, and beer and bratwurst are no exceptions. As a family-owned company that takes great pride in our products, developing a beer brat with Leinenkugel’s to bring the flavor of Summer Shandy to our fresh grilling sausage is a match made in Wisconsin.”

Continuing that sentiment, Tony Bugher, President of Leinenkugel’s said, “Leinenkugel’s teaming up with Johnsonville for the ultimate beer and brat pairing was only a matter of time. We’re thrilled to bring folks the Summer Shandy Beer Brat, which adds a new flavor to our fans’ lakeside get-togethers this year. With our strong innovative history, the Summer Shandy Beer Brat encourages everyone to enjoy Summer Shandy in a whole new way.”

Johnsonville’s Summer Shandy Beer Brats
Johnsonville’s Summer Shandy Beer Brats / Johnsonville and Leinenkugel's

How to pair Johnsonville’s Summer Shandy Beer Brats

For those familiar with Leinie’s Summy Shandy, the beer is light, refreshing, and slightly citrus. Although not quite as lemon forward as other shandy beers, it feels like a burst of sunshine on a warm summer day.

By pairing it with a brat, the flavor is that bright, acidic note to keep the unctuous qualities of a pork brat in balance. For example, a lemon is sometimes served with a schnitzel. That touch of acid brings all the flavors together. It is a similar idea with this brat.

While the brat can be pan fried, grilling it would be the preferred cooking method. That touch of char not only adds a little texture to the meat, buy the hint of smoke adds another flavor layer. Plus, grilling often comes with a cooking beer for extra refreshment. Why not open one to ensure the cook is refreshed while standing over the flames.

Lastly, consider serving the Johnsonville Summer Shandy Beer Brat on a pretzel bun. Topped with some caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and some spicy brown mustard makes for a perfect bite. Although some people might add some bacon, that choice is totally optional.

And, do not forget to enjoy a Leinie’s Summer Shandy with the brat. That sessionable beer is great while cooking the brats, eating the brats, and post-dinner chat watching the sun go down. At the end of the night, just remember to keep er’ moving because that Midwest goodbye can take forever.

The Johnsonville Summer Shandy Beer Brat is available in 19 states. For a complete list, please visit In addition, a limited release will be available online.

Johnsonville and Leinenkugel is kicking off its Lakeside Link-Up summer. Ready to dive into all the deliciousness?