Kay Adams and Smirnoff are ready to smash big game refreshment, interview

Kay Adams
Kay Adams / Greg Doherty/GettyImages

The lead up to the big game has been over the top, but everyone is thirsty for more. Kay Adams joined with Smirnoff to share some smashing refreshments that will get everyone excited, on every field of play.

While she can explain all the Xs and Os on the football field, Kay Adams joined with Smirnoff Smash at a different sports competition. Part of the Smirnoff SMASH Pickle Bowl, Adams joined NFL players as well as other famous faces to showcase their paddle skills. Regardless of the team earning the ultimate victory, it was another win for flavorful, easy drinking cocktails.

Ahead of the special event, Adams graciously answered some questions about her partnership with Smirnoff, the big game, and what food and beverages that she might be enjoying.

Cristine Struble: You are working with Smirnoff. Can you tell me a little bit about your partnership?

Kay Adams: I've had an amazing partnership with Smirnoff because it is my game day drink of choice, and I love everything that they're doing. They're doing something a little bit unexpected this year, bringing some flavors together in more ways than one to create a smash hit. There's a little bit of a twist here. I'm not a pickleball player, but I've been paired with Vernon Davis to participate in the Smirnoff SMASH Pickle Bowl on February 10th at 2:30pm. By the way, everybody can stop by! And you guys have to be cheering for Team Raspberry Peach. But I love the partnership. It has been really meaningful to me and fun and easy, and everything that I love about football, which is celebratory and flavorful.

CS: This year's Super Bowl looks to be the biggest ever. How do you think the fan interaction and hype is growing the NFL fan base?

KA: Oh my gosh. With social media, with Taylor Swift there, I'm just going to say it. Everything is bigger than ever. The Chiefs are in it, the Niners are in it too. Amazing fan bases. We're in the midst of a dynasty. Travis Kelce might win the Super Bowl and retire and then do a confetti angel on the field. Hopefully they all have Smirnoff SMASH Vodka Sodas in their hand because speaking of smash combos and duos and hits, we have four new flavor profiles. I'm representing Team Raspberry Peach. There's a Super Bowl, and that's fun, but we need hype around the Pickle Bowl that is happening the day before at Resorts World in Vegas.

CS: The Super Bowl is often a big party. What would your Super Bowl party look like? Are there any favorite foods on the menu?

KA: I've worked and gone to each of the last 10 or so Super Bowls, and it's sort of a workday for me. At the end of it though, I like to vibe out a little bit, and that of course is easier with Smirnoff. I mean, one of these new Smirnoff SMASH Vodka Sodas, which is ready to drink, sounds great. It's canned. They're delicious. There's four new flavors. I would say a small group, the better. I like to watch the game and have nobody talk. And I mean nachos! There just have to be every kind of nachos with a million jalapenos all over everything.

CS: What are some of your favorite cocktails to serve?

KA: All season long, it was the Cosmo Catch - which was the cocktail that Vernon Davis created that we were a part of, which is quick and easy and amazing, and you can check out all the recipes over at Smirnoff.com. But now, I don't want to spend a lot of time making something, whether it's a seven layer dip or a drink. So the fact that these new Smirnoff SMASH Vodka Sodas are ready to drink is amazing. Raspberry Peach is going to be my go-to sort of a classic and OG, and I don't want to say this because Team Saweetie and Lance Bass are representing Watermelon Lime, but that would probably be my second favorite. But there's a variety pack, so pick your favorite of the four flavor profiles.

CS: Are you pulling for a particular team this year, and what are you looking to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday?

KA: On Super Bowl Sunday, I'm always looking to enjoy great energy, good vibes, high emotions, lots of lead changes. I hope it's close and doesn't come down to a kicker. I want to see a couple of shots of Taylor Swift, which we should all love, and I'm expecting to drink a victory Smirnoff SMASH Vodka Soda after Vernon Davis and I are victorious, and really though we're all winners because these are only a hundred calories a pop.

Now that the time has come to watch all the passes, tackles, and end zone celebrations, be sure to have a Smirnoff Smash at the ready to toast every moment.