KFC Chicken Quesadilla is all about the gravy goodness

KFC Chicken Quesadilla
KFC Chicken Quesadilla / Cristine Struble

While it might not be called the Chickadilla, a menu favorite is back at selective KFC restaurants. The KFC Chicken Quesadilla returns for a limited time and it is all about that signature gravy.

It has been a big year for KFC. From starting the saucy nuggets trend to giving customers value at every meal, the quick service restaurant has found a way to balance food innovation with satisfying meals that consumers want.

With the recent menu additions, KFC stays true to the foundation that is and will always be part of the flavor conversation. The 11 original herbs and spices are key to that perfectly fried chicken and that chicken is always moist and juicy. When a great product is the foundation to every dish, the accompaniments highlight that signature flavor.

Available at participating locations in New York and New Jersey, the KFC Chicken Quesadilla starts with shredded KFC fried chicken. With a heaping amount of signature gravy and a hearty handful of three-cheese blend cheese, the flavor is creamy, hearty, and quite delicious.

During a media event held at KFC headquarters earlier this year, the KFC culinary team offered me a sneak peek of the KFC Chicken Quesadilla. Unlike traditional quesadillas, this food is about the gravy. Without becoming messy, the gravy brings a contrast to the crunchy quesadilla exterior. The cheese offers a hint of saltiness, but this food’s name might be better called the jugosodilla (or gravy-dilla) than a quesadilla.

KFC Chicken Quesadilla
KFC Chicken Quesadilla / Cristine Struble

While the gravy and cheese complete the bite, the shredded chicken is never overshadowed. The tender, moist pieces make the meal satisfying. More importantly, there are no empty bites of just tortilla and gravy.

Additionally, the quesadilla can be served with a dip or hot sauce (or even more gravy). Although a traditional salsa would not be the best idea, a hot sauce is a smart choice. Adding a little kick to the traditional gravy helps to boost the bite.

The KFC Chicken Quesadilla is another example of expanding the menu towards handheld offerings. Similar to the Twister Wrap that came back to the menu, consumers crave portability. While some people might not eat this quesadilla in the car, it definitely does not require a fork and a knife. The quick eat menu options are vital for the busy, on the go guest.

Will the new menu item roll out nationwide? Only time will tell. Until then, buy some KFC chicken, gravy and grab a tortilla to make a gravy-dilla for yourself.