KFC Original Recipe Tenders celebrate the deliciousness of that iconic recipe

KFC Original Recipe Tenders
KFC Original Recipe Tenders / Cristine Struble

For decades, the iconic 11 herbs and spices have flavored that on the bone chicken and made it finger licking good. With the KFC Original Recipe Tenders, that classic taste is front and center in every bite.

Over the past several months, KFC has expanded its menu offerings. From saucy nuggets to the return of the Twister, the food choices bring excitement with bold flavors. More importantly, the options fill a gap in the menu.

Speaking about the tenders, Nick Chavez, CMO, KFC U.S. "People around the world love our Original Recipe, and now West Palm Beach is in for a treat. Be among the first to try a new KFC tender made with the secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices, dipped in our irresistible new Comeback Sauce.”

During a media event earlier this year, I had an opportunity to taste test the KFC Original Recipe Tenders at the restaurant brand’s test kitchen. The biggest take away from this menu item is the chicken’s juicy tenderness. It is a combination of the iconic herbs and spices as well as the breading techniques.

As many people can appreciate, a chicken breast tender can get chewy or dry quickly. When that scenario happens, there is no amount of sauce that can save the dry bite.

With the KFC Original Recipe Tenders, the bite is perfect. The coating has just the right amount of crispy texture, but it never overshadows the protein.

The size of the tenders is quite big. This food is not from the kids’ menu. Even without one of the classic KFC sides, a few tenders are a satisfying meal.

Although sauce can be a personal preference, the Comeback Sauce is a great accompaniment. The slightly peppery flavor is bold but not overpowering. The creamy texture adheres well to the chicken.

Since many people love a good menu hack, consider turning these tenders into a sandwich. From the traditional biscuit to just a simple potato roll, it can be tasty alternative to other chicken sandwiches.

For a heartier meal, consider pairing the tenders and Comeback Sauce with some fries. With fries as the base, the tenders can be cut up, placed on top, and then drizzled with the sauce. It is a new take on loaded fries.

Unfortunately, only West Palm Beach residents will be able to try these KFC Chicken Tenders. Hopefully, the new food item will expand nationwide soon.