KFC Saucy Nuggets bring the flavor without losing that fried chicken deliciousness

KFC Saucy Nuggets combo meal
KFC Saucy Nuggets combo meal / KFC

While Kentucky Fried Chicken is always finger lickin’ good, the KFC Saucy Nuggets give people a different reason to savor every taste. Without losing the crispy, crunchy texture of that iconic Original Recipe fried chicken flavor and texture, these sauced nuggets bring a new experience to the quick service restaurant space.

Some people love chicken on the bone. Others prefer a little less work when it comes to eating that white meat. While there might be a time and a place for a fork and a knife, the reality is that easy to eat, quick bites are more than the meal that is grabbed through the drive-thru. There is something fun, engaging with chicken nuggets. There is a reason why chicken nuggets are a staple on a kids menu.

Still, the older crowd might not necessarily want a chicken nugget served with a side of ketchup. Even the sophisticated palate appreciates that there is something special about a chicken nugget served a sauce.

The downside with sauce on the side is that the flavor is not necessarily complete. Putting aside the notion that there might not be enough sauce for that last bite, dipping creates inconsistencies. Anyone who has eaten a nugget versus a sauced chicken wing can appreciate those differences.

With the new KFC Saucy Nuggets, the bite-sized chicken nuggets never lose the classic fried chicken texture but adds a succulent sauce that makes every bite more enjoyable. Since each white meat nugget is hand breaded and has the iconic 11 herbs and spices, the starting point ensures that the chicken is always the hero. The sauciness just adds to the overall eating enjoyment.

KFC Saucy Nuggets
All five flavors of KFC Saucy Nuggets / Cristine Struble

What are the five flavors of the KFC Saucy Nuggets?

Available nationwide starting on April 1, the new KFC Saucy Nuggets come in five flavors. Two flavors, Nashville Hot and Georgia Gold, are fan favorite returning flavors. The three new flavors are Honey Sriracha, Korean BBQ, and Sticky Chicky Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce.

To be clear, these KFC Saucy Nuggets are chicken nuggets that have been hand tossed in the sauce. Using a special KFC technique, every order is sauced as it is served to the guest. As the nuggets jump, roll, and shake around the bowl, the sauce finds its way to coat every nook and cranny.

The idea of hand tossing the chicken nuggets is similar to how some chicken wings are served. As the warm chicken hits the sauce, the combination allows perfect coverage. Even if there could be a little stickiness that lingers your fingers after picking the food up, the sauce better adheres to the chicken, which is the whole point of this KFC menu item.

KFC Saucy Nuggets in bowls
Samples of KFC Saucy Nuggets / Cristine Struble

During a recent taste test in the KFC Kitchen of all the KFC Saucy Nuggets, each one will find its particular audience. Of course, Nashville Hot will have an instant following due to its legions of fans. While that peppery, slightly vinegar forward heat offers a slow burn, it is irresistible. From the color in the cheeks to the tingle on the lips, a second, third and more bite is warranted.

The other returning flavor, Georgia Gold, appeals to people who like a hint of spice but prefer a more mellow option. The combination of honey, mustard and a little vinegar is bold yet approachable. Truthfully, these KFC Saucy Nuggets would be perfect served on a bun with a scoop of coleslaw.

Looking at the three new flavors, the sauce options embrace current food trends. Whether KFC is looking to appeal to a wider age demographic or is incorporating globally inspired flavors, these sauces could become new favorites.

Given that the swicy food trend continues to dominate the conversation, the Honey Sriracha hits that sweet and spicy note with a little extra. While the honey keeps the sriracha from becoming too dominate, it is the garlic note in the sauce that adds depth. That combination might be a new secret to keeping the swicy trend fresh.

When thinking about pairing the Honey Sriracha with other KFC menu items, consider ordering a side of biscuits and making a sandwich. The buttery notes from the biscuits with the swicy flavor works well. And, for anyone who has some waffles at home, this idea would be great, too.

The Korean BBQ captures the umami that people expect from this type of offering. While the soy and sesame are clear, a touch of sweetness makes the flavor pop. Without going into an overly spicy, pungent gochujang arena, the Korean BBQ sauce hits the umami characteristics that people expect from this style of sauce.

KFC Saucy Nugggets
KFC Saucy Nuggets, various flavors / Cristine Struble

Lastly, the Sticky Chicky Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce has the tropical yet tangy note that people will know. While there is some chili in the sauce, the heat is a supporting player to the sweet and sour. As the name says, this sauce has the most vicious properties of the five. Anyone who picks these nuggets up with their hands should have some extra napkins.

Also, the Sticky Chicky Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce is the only one that will be available as a dipping sauce. While guests can ask for extra sauce on the side for all the sauces, the pre-packaged Sticky Chicky Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce is a must try on its own. It is interesting to see how dipping this sauce versus the nuggets coated in the sauce tastes differently. The flavor experience shows how important tossing the KFC nuggets in the sauce is vital to overall eating enjoyment.

Overall, all the flavors of the KFC Saucy Nuggets are successful. From spicy to tangy, the range makes this new KFC menu item a hit with any and every customer. Whether people stack-up some napkins or lick their fingers after each bite, it is time to embrace the sticky and get a little saucy. After all, there is always a wet nap available, too.

The KFC Saucy Nuggets hit menus nationwide on April 1. A 10-piece nugget order is $5.99. In addition, a combo meal of the KFC Saucy nuggets, medium drink, and Secret Recipe Fries is $9.99. Prices may vary based on location.

Lastly, KFC is offering a special bonus as part of the KFC Saucy Nuggets launch. Any purchase of $10 or more either online or via the app can receive a free 10-piece KFC Saucy Nuggets.