KIND redefines resolutions to embrace more positive connotations

KIND hosts Better You by Lana event
KIND hosts Better You by Lana event / KIND

While the start of January can come with a resolve to make big changes, that determination can waver as the days turn into weeks. KIND is ready to focus on positivity and obtainable differences that keep the pressure off the table.  

Choosing to start a healthy eating lifestyle does not have to be served with pressure, rigidity, or another negative connotation. When a food choice has a cloud hanging over it, the enthusiasm can disappear as quickly as it appeared. It is one of the reasons why Quitters Day is highlighted on the calendar.  

Since small, manageable change to food and eating habits can make for a more obtainable scenario, KIND wants to assist people in keeping that positivity going. When it hosted its Better You by Lana, in collaboration with actress Lana Condor, the event put the focus not on the resolution but the concept of finding ways to embrace a better you.  

KIND believes that it should not be about restrictions or cumbersome concepts. It is about putting health and wellness in the conversation but making it obtainable.  

Speaking to the concept, Osher Hoberman, Chief Marketing Officer at KIND said, "It is nearly impossible to start the year without the overwhelming pressure and noise of our 'eat this, not that' culture that escalates each January. As a continuation of KIND's commitment to nutrition education and nourishment, we are challenging the status quo and empowering Americans to trust their taste buds to lead them to whole, recommended foods we're not eating enough of today." 

While the pop-up event was just for one day, the concepts are ideas that apply any and every day. Routines that do not fit a lifestyle, do not bring joy, or do not make a person feel better might not be the concept that is beneficial. It is about knowing yourself, empowering yourself, and enjoying food that fuels those pursuits.  

Many people appreciate that little, simple swaps can make a difference. For example, grabbing that KIND bar instead of a bag of chips for a mid-afternoon snack can be a change that is beneficial. Boosting protein can lead to a more satiated feeling.  

Or, it could be choosing a lower calorie dessert when the craving hits. That plant-based, protein forward KIND frozen treat bar curbs the sugar craving but does not cause the healthy eating commitment to take a complete nose dive.  

This year, consider resolving to embrace obtainable change. As many people say, it is about the progress, not the perfection, when it comes to food and healthy living.